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BuyPass Merchant Account for Verifone Ruby Pay-at-the-Pump

Written by G Jason Schnellbacher

Topics: POS Systems

Looking for a merchant account that supports the Verifone Ruby pay-at-the pump and in-store register point-of-sale systems for your gas station?  You’ve come to the right place.  Prineta is an independent merchant services agent representing the BuyPass (Atlanta) platform, the recognized leader in full service pay-at-the-pump services for independent unbranded petroleum retailers.  Whether you need a new account or need to switch processors for any reason, we can help.  We know pay-at-the-pump controllers and can make switching seamless and hassle free.  In the petroleum industry, experience and access to right platforms is critical.

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A petroleum retailer has unique needs that most merchant services agents do not understand or cannot sell at competitive processing rates due to incompatible, non-certified credit card processing networks/platforms.  To avoid expensive middleware that you either need to purchase for thousands of dollars or lease for hundreds every month, which jacks up the total price you pay, you need a native, certified platform.

Just about every petroleum integrated system interface available is certified on the BuyPass network/platform, including Verifone Ruby, and most pay-at-the-pump systems are ONLY certified on BuyPass.  For this reason, agents representing the BuyPass platform have a competitive advantage over other processors.  Just request a pricing proposal and you will see the difference.

The Verifone Ruby system combines card processing, fuel dispensing, dispenser card reader (DCR) control, and electronic cash register (ECR) functions to meet the needs of fast-paced petroleum/convenience-store operations.

Ruby is one of the most reliable point of sale systems in the industry but needs to be used in conjunction with the reliable, industry leading credit card processing merchant account from BuyPass.  With a BuyPass merchant account for Ruby you can have peace of mind knowing you will have the lowest wholesale interchange plus processing costs.  There are no tiered pricing with downgrades for our petroleum merchant clients.  We can offer transaction fees at $0.05 over interchange or lower depending on volumes.

For our petroleum merchants, we can also provide the ability to accept Fleet cards such as Wright Express, Voyager, FleetOne, and Fuelman.  Just ask us about these BuyPass exclusive fleet card programs.

Interested in new security features for the ultimate protection of your business operations?  Read more about the VeriShield Total Protect Encryption and Tokenization.  It supports all the latest security features for fraud protection with address verification and frequency checking capabilities.

If you use any other systems/platforms, please still let us know because we have additional solutions not listed on this page.  Paymentech is another major platform in the petroleum industry and we can set up accounts there as well.

The petroleum retail industry is known for razor thin profit margins so it is critical to use a merchant services provider that knows the petroleum industry and the payment processing technologies involved with it.  Benefit from our experience!  Let’s talk about your unique needs and requirements.

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