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How much money can you make? Commission Schedule A for C-Store Prepaid Sales

The exploding popularity of affordable and convenient prepaid wireless service is causing convenience stores around the country to take notice.

New prepaid programs for the c-store industry featuring the most popular prepaid wireless brands are generating a buzz in the gas station and convenience store industry.

Prepaid mobile phone top up cards and reloadable debit cards are selling well across the country but how much money can a convenience store make by selling prepaid products?

Our average merchant makes 10% a month off prepaid sales blended across all the products. So if you sell $1000 worth of cards you would see about $100 commission.  Sell $5000 worth of prepaid and the commissions should be closer to $500 a month.  Some of the busiest locations are making more than $8000 per year from prepaid.  Not bad considering there is no set up cost.  It’s like free money for a c-store.

If you own and operate a C-Store / Gas station and would like to carry the top selling cards and serivices, please consider choosing Prineta to be your partner for this burgeoning category.

In addition to prepaid wireless for Boost, Virgin Mobile, GoPhone, T-Mobile and others, Prineta also offers c-stores popular programs for selling Visa gift cards, reloadable debit cards, prepaid gift cards from national retailers, government cell phones, cash utility/telecom bill payments, and check guarantee with remote deposit conversion.

Did you know that c-stores can make an average income of $.80 for every utility bill paid?  If you serve a demographic that mostly deals in cash, this could be worth the 30 minutes it takes to learn how to process the payments.   There are no start up costs; just incremental profit.  Almost like free money.  Where else can you make a 100% profit margin?

Q: What makes the c-store an attractive outlet for selling prepaid products?

A: Convenience stores are the perfect location that has foot traffic and repeat customers.

Prepaid has moved from only being offered at big corporate stores to being available at your local c-store; prepaid cards are increasingly being sold in the c-store so patrons can get them in the morning when they’re getting gas, cigarettes and coffee.  It is convenient and easy.

Prepaid and cash products result in heavy repeat purchasing and unique interdependence with a convenience store in the right locations.

Folks run in, they need to buy minutes for their cell phone, and they gotta have it now.  The ability to meet the emergency need provides true convenience.  Transform your store into a prepaid destination.  More than 80 million unbanked or financially underserved customers need cash-based products.

How to sell prepaid cards at your convenience store

Point of Sale displays are free.  Prineta offers prepaid card point-of-sale displays stocked with the most popular prepaid cards to convenience stores for FREE.  No startup costs!  No merchandising cost!  No re-order cost!  No risk!

How much money can you make?

Exerpt of Prepaid Center Commission Schedule A for C-Stores

Prepaid Wireless




Cricket Wireless PayGo










Plus Many More Over



Prepaid Long Distance




Cellular Long Distance


Global Reach


Jambo Africa


La Fiesta


Mi Pais Lindo




Pennies Per Call




Telmex Multifon



Reloadable Visa Debit Card


(based on card cost)

Visa GPR Debit Initial Purchase (card cost $3.00) 35.00%
Visa GPR Debit Reload (card cost $2.95)



Gift Cards

Sell a $250 Gift Card and make $1.60
Sell a $100 Gift Card and make $1.30
Sell a $50 Gift Card and make $1.00
Sell a $25 Gift Card and make $0.70

PaySafe commission is 2%.

Note – These numbers are correct to the best of our knowledge but percentages for commissions can change over time if mobile service providers make any changes to indirect dealer channels so always refer to the Schedule A for the most current and accurate.

Prineta is expanding rapidly as c-store owners and independent wireless dealers realize the benefit of selling prepaid products and how to keep credit card deposits from customers that don’t buy fuel.




Are you letting the fuel company hold your c-store credit card sales deposits?




Why let the fuel company hold and apply all your c-store sales money to future fuel purchases when the same terminal used for prepaid cards can deposit c-store sales money directly into your bank account two days later.  If it is not a fuel purchase, why not put the money directly into you account?  So if someone just comes in to buy a pack of cigs and a drink, instead of giving the money to the fuel company to hold on your behalf, put the money to work in your bank account.  Increasing the velocity of cash flow is good for business my friend.

We can set you up so you earn some additional income, keep the money from non-petroleum purchases, and keep customers coming back.

Going with Prineta is an easy decision.  We offer a variety of payment solutions to help convenience store owners increase profits and we really understand c-store needs.



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 What C-Stores need to know about selling prepaid

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