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Merchant Cash Advance for Convenience C-Stores

Looking for a merchant cash advance for your c-store?  We are the only known source to offer a cash advance product to this vertical.  We offer short-term business loans and working capital financing for c-stores up to $20,000 for new contracts and $30,000 for renewals.  Find out if you qualify and get help running the numbers.

Who is Prineta?

The fastest growing prepaid sales company for the c-store industry.  At Prineta, we are a consulting company and work with vetted and tested best-of-breed service provider partners that specialize in the convenience store industry and have a proven record of merchant satisfaction.

How does it work?

Basically, one of our cash advance partners will review your application and offer a short term business loan that will be repaid back by future credit card sales.  Some providers will buy up to 100% of future monthly credit card sales at a discount .  These products are designed for merchants who need cash for any reason. Those reasons could range from upgrades to their business, new equipment, opening a new location or marketing.  The reason why money is needed is not questioned.   Credit scores over 575 are required.

Tell me more…

Prineta cash advances for convenience stores provide fast access to working capital as an alternative to traditional bank loans. Features to our working capital advance include:

  • Funding provided in 7-10 business days after close
  • Less than perfect credit is not a “deal breaker” if the business is performing well
  • The amount of an advance is primarily based on a merchant’s monthly credit card processing volume
  • The amount paid back daily is a fixed percentage of credit card deposits
  • The more you sell, the faster the loan gets paid back; the less you sell, the slower the rate of repayment
  • Payback ebbs and flows with business receivables
  • How a business owner uses the funds is his or her prerogative

 Cash Advance Program Requirements for C-Stores

  • Maximum Funding Amount:  $20,000 New Contracts; $30,000 Renewals
  • Minimum Funding Amount:  $4,000
  • Min. Visa/MC/Discover:  $10,000 per month processing (petroleum sales are not eligible).
  • Time in Business:  Three (3) years or more
  • Rent or Business Mortgage:  Current – no exceptions
  • Personal & Business Credit:  Relatively clean – minor credit issues only
  • Bankruptcy:   None active or discharged within 18 months

What’s Required to Obtain a Cash Advance for your C-Store

Merchant Provides:

  • Six most recent bankcard processing statements
  • One complete, most recent bank statement
  • Copy of business license (Liquor, sales tax permit, etc)
  • Copy of owner’s driver’s license
  • Merchant’s voided check
  • Most recent business mortgage statement or rental statement with payment history


  • Administrative Form
  • Signed Merchant Cash Advance Agreement
  • Signed Processing Agreement

A popular move for c-store owners is to take out a cash advance on future bankcard sales then use the money to buy ATMs for each location then quickly pay off the loan and use the ATMs to generate additional income.  That’s a very popular investment strategy for smart and savvy business owners.


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