Best ACH Payment Processing Company for You

We can help you find the best ACH payment processing company for you.
If you need something special, unique, complex, or sophisticated with regard to ACH processing and you are tired of talking with people that don’t seem to really be able to help with what you need, then maybe it is time to try a different approach. Instead of doing all the research and talking with dozens of ACH processing companies yourself, maybe you should find a “friend in the payment business” that can make the search process much easier and help you find the best ACH payment processing company for you.  There are a lot of different ACH processors out there but each one specializes in different things and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which ones specialize in what you need.  If this is your situation, then perhaps it is time to find an experienced payment consultant that will be your advocate and help you get connected with an ACH processor that can actually do what you need, whether that be higher risk or easy to integrate next generation payment processing, or something else that is not necessarily off-the-shelf with most processing companies.

If you just need basic ACH processing and nothing special that is a commodity and there are a lot of ACH sales offices and independent agents out there that can set up accounts for you. But if you need something more sophisticated that involves high risk accounts, multiple account load balancing, “full stack API” integration, fraud scrubbing, account verification, payer authentication, subscriptions and recurring billing, batch upload bulk processing, or anything unique then probably should find an experienced payment consultant specializes in ACH processing solutions.

Fortunately Google has a pretty good idea of what you need and knows that Prineta is one of the best sites online for people searching for ACH processing companies and related technology solutions.

At Prineta, we are experienced payment consultants and independent agents with multiple ACH processor relationships.  Similar to how insurance agents often work with several different insurance companies because some specialize in different things, we are like that in the sense that we can set up accounts with several ACH processing companies. In a way we are payment solution brokers. With quite a few different processor partners, we can meet the needs of most clients. Very rarely do we not have a solution for what a client needs. Benefit from our experience and connections; we will help you find the best solution for you.


The best ACH payment processing company for you depends on what you need.

Do you need a processor that will accept higher risk?  Need a new generation PCI-level 1 secured API that gives you full control of the user interface?  Need check by phone or check online?  Need to load balance multiple accounts with volume cap limits?  Need fraud prevention and mitigation solutions? Need to find better pricing and lower fees?  We can help you with all these things, just tell us about your situation and what you need in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Here is a subset of the types of clients we help: B2B wholesalers with high average ticket and high volume, property managers that need to collect rents, brick and mortar consumer lenders that need auto-pay plans, subscription-based or membership businesses that need to bill subscribers monthly, collections companies, employers that want to automate payroll payments, software developers that want to integrate ACH processing recurring billing into vertical industry software, and many more.  Using the API, you can fully customize plans, terms, and pricing. Real time events such as cancellations or renewals can be sent in real time to your software with encryption and tokenization.

We have a lot of experience with ACH processing and can help you find that solution you are looking for.


Here is an overview of the different types of things we can help with.

High Risk ACH accounts for merchants looking to accept checks over the phone and online can be difficult to find but we have multiple sources and can often help clients get multiple accounts. High Risk ACH processing is available for most business types that have prior processing history. We can help you get approved for a high risk ACH processing account.

B2C ACH accounts can be used for ACH-credits for things like funding of loans and “pre-arranged” (authorized) ACH-debits for auto debit of consumer loan repayments or other payment collection needs.  Corporate ACH accounts can be used for direct deposit of payroll, collecting business-to-business payments, and more.  Solutions for “check by phone” (TEL Debit) and e-commerce (WEB Debit). eCheck21 ACH alternative accounts also available.

We work with some of the best subscription/recurring billing solutions on the market that come with a customer management portal, bulk file uploads, API integration options, flexible and customizable repayment plan features, secure encrypted and tokenized transactions, robust reporting, and more.


Need any of these features?  

Need an internet gateway virtual terminal?  Need multiple OFDIs?  Value-added and critically important features for early warning detection, fraud screening/scrubbing, and check guarantee are available. Verify that accounts are open with positive balances. Check Verify. NCNVerify, IDVerify supported. Ability to securely process checks on your website with a “Pay by Check” checkout payment method in your shopping cart. We have check recovery solutions that will protect you from costly returned or NSF transactions. Automatically recollect returned checks due to NSF (non-sufficient funds) using intelligent re-presentment logic.  Some processors have automatic account correction features that reduces the number of returns.  Need to initiate ACH transactions on Sunday (to post Monday to customer accounts)?  Need to find a processor that doesn’t require a personal guarantee and will allow for a “cross-corporate guarantee”?  If you need any of these solutions, just let us know and we can get you more information about each of these features and the processing company that offers it.

We help clients request proposals from multiple processors and select the processor that is the best fit and has the best overall proposal (RFP Management).  We set up accounts for many different types of businesses, including wholesalers, consumer lenders, business lenders, collections, debit settlement, student loan document preparation, and others.


Tell us about what you need. We will do our best to help.