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Open, Start, Become a Walk-In Bill Payment Center

Merchant Bill Pay Program for Convenience and Grocery Stores, Regional Banks, Apartment Complexes, and Check Cashing Places.  Open/Start/Become a Walk-In Bill Payment Center. 

Looking for how to become a “paycenter station” so your customers can walk-in and pay utility and other bills in cash at your retail location just like what 7-Eleven and Walmart are doing?  We can help.  If you have a retail store, we can get you setup as a convenient and safe walk-in bill payment center.  The program is free if you also sign up to sell prepaid cards.  You can become the most convenient neighborhood financial center and we can help.

If you serve the un-banked and under-banked demographic that do not have checking accounts this could be a good opportunity.  Not only will it keep customers coming back regularly, you can make $0.80-$1.00 per bill payment transaction. Get started today. You benefit by offering much needed service to your customers, while at the same time increasing store traffic and revenue.

The bill payment center program is designed for c-stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, insurance agencies, anywhere with good foot traffic or has customers with wait time that could pay their bills.  Bill payment allows retailers to process consumer funded bill payments through a secure browser-based online terminal on a computer with Internet or a Verifone Vx570 credit card terminal and earn a free for processing the payment. Utilities, cable, department store, credit cards, wireless services, and many other bills can be paid.  Bill payment demand is growing and this service will drive more foot traffic to your store.

You customers will enjoy the convenience of paying their bills using cash, appreciate the ability to pay more than one bill at the same time, avoid late fees, service charges, and bad credit reports.  Users of the bill payment service get a receipt for each bill they pay.  Keep reading for more details on how it works and the commissions.

The Bill Payment Industry

Did you know that one-quarter of U.S. households (more than 30 million) — representing $1.3 trillion dollars in annual spending — is considered un- or under-banked, according to the FDIC, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau?  Including undocumented immigrants, the number of residents without bank relationships is reported to be closer to 60 to 72 million, with some estimates as high as 100 million; that is nearly one of our every three residents.

There are over 236 million transactions at 3rd party walk-in bill payment centers every year. The total estimated payment volume of 3rd party walk-in bill payment transactions is $28 BILLION.  Walk in payment increased 19.3 million users 2000 to 2010, payments by check continue to decline.

Source: Mercator Advisory Group — Third-Party Walk-In-Bill Payments in the United States, July 2012

Become the Next Neighborhood Financial Center

Individuals living a cash-preferred lifestyle need financial services—both domestic and international—like bill payment and prepaid services.

Prineta is the solution—giving you the advantage of a single, easy-to-use platform to serve the needs of your customers. Bill Pay, Prepaid, Merchant Services, and Check Verification and Guarantee all on a single terminal with a single supplier.  Only one website for reporting and one call for support.

Expand your offerings. Increase your store traffic. And earn money for every transaction. We’ll get you started, train your staff, manage your data, and provide you with regular transaction reports. We do the work so you can earn the rewards.

With the Prineta Merchant Bill Pay Program, you can offer a convenient payment option for:

  • Electricity, Gas, and Water Utilities Companies
  • National and Regional Telecommunications Providers
  • Cable and Satellite Providers
  • Credit Card Companies

3 Options on Commissions

Option 1: $1.75 consumer fee and merchant makes $0.50 commission RUSH payments cost the customer $4.95 and the merchant makes $1.20
Option 2: $2.00 consumer fee and merchant makes $0.65 RUSH payments cost $5.95 and merchant makes $1.45
Option 3: Consumer pays $2.50 and merchant makes $0.85, RUSH payment costs $5.95 and merchant makes $1.45

Commissions and fees are reconciled monthly and credited to merchant’s account on the 15th business day of the following month.

How to Start Walk-In Bill Payment Center Business

Participating Billers, Post Times, and Customer Fees

Complete List of Participating Billers, Posting Times, and Default Customer Fees.
Utility bills are most popular.  Con Edison New York, Southern California Edison Los Angeles, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), San Diego Gas & Electric, TXU Energy in Texas, Duke Energy, Southern Company, Ameren, Xcel Energy, Exelon, Atmos Energy, Aqua America, Municipal Water, Texas Gas Service, Missouri Gas Energy, Nicor Gas, Pacific Power, Rocky Mountain Power, Allegheny Energy, BG&E, Florida Power, Municipal Water and Sewer, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Century Link, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Bright House, Dish Network, DirecTV, Capital One, Chase, HSBC, Sears, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, and more. Complete List of Participating Billers
Accept bill payments in New York, California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Washington, Indiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, and all 50 States; U.S. only at this time.  Payment posting times can vary from real-time, same day, next or second business day.  Billers are notified of payments in as little as 10 minutes.

Why Sell Bill Payments

  • Over 70% of bill payments are utility payments
  •    Each family typically pays 6 recurring bills per month
  •    Electric, Gas, Telephone, Wireless, Cable, Water
  • 64% of walk-in payments are made in cash
  •    Walk-in bill payments serve the unbanked or under-banked populations
  •    Some people simply prefer cash transactions and don’t like bank accounts
  • The growing immigrant population means demand is growing
  • The number of late payers have grown in the great recession
  • Bill pay services keep customers coming back every month
  • The average merchant commission is $0.50-$0.85 per transaction for standard processing
  • The average merchant commissions is $1.20-$1.45 per transaction for rush expedited processing
  • No long term contract

What’s important to know?

  • Bill Payment converts the terminal into a revenue source instead a cost center
  • Let your terminal pay for your merchant account
  • Be listed as a Pay Center in an online directory
  • You will receive a banner, handbook, window decals and posters
  • Bill Payment software co-exists with the merchant account and prepaid on the same free terminal we provide

Accepting Bill Payments is Easy

Customers just need to bring in their statements with the account number and cash then enter the information into your payment terminal.  Print the receipt and give it to the customer.  It’s that simple.

How Bill Pay Works

Customer takes bill to merchant, merchant collects cash from customer and enters the payment into the terminal or on the computer. Terminal sends payment information to processing network and the processor pays the biller and ACH’s merchant accounts for funds including the processing fee.

  • A customer walks in the location and take the bills they want to pay to the cashier
  • Cashier collects cash from customer and enters the payment information into the terminal
  • Select biller from list, enter account # and bill amount
  • Terminal sends payment information to provider and prints a receipt for the customer
  • Provider pays biller
  • Provider ACH’s merchant account for funds
  • Provider pays commission to merchant monthly

Merchant will deposit cash daily into their bank account. Monday through Thursday: next business day ACH, Friday funds are collected Monday, Saturday and Sunday funds are collected Tuesday (along with Monday’s transactions). Transactions made from 9AM to 9PM Eastern are Ach’d the next calendar day

Use a Computer with Internet or Credit Card Terminal

Processed on a computer with Internet or Vx570 dual-comm credit card terminal.  Special deals available on terminals if you also sign up for bankcard credit card processing, prepaid, or an ATM.



Online Reporting Available

For free of course.

Se Habla Espanol

Bilingual customer support available.

Free Bill Payment Banner, Poster, and Window Decal

pague sus cuentas aqui

The Program is Completely Free!

For convenience and grocery stores, regional banks, apartment complexes, check cashing places and other high traffic locations that serve immigrants and the unbanked. Although some states require annual license fees of between $25-$50 (AZ, DC, FL, LA, MI, MS, NH, TN, WA). AZ, FL, DC, LA, MI, MS, TN, WA, and NH have one-time state licensing fees for billers to set up – all other states are free and there are no other fees associated with bill pay.

We will get you started, train your staff, manage your data, and provide you with regular transaction reports. We do the work so you can earn the rewards.

There are Inactivity Fees

Don’t sign up if you aren’t going to use the service.  As of April 1, 2013 merchants that do not process at least 1 sale in a month will be assessed a $15 non-usage fee. The non-usage fee will be invoiced and automatically withdrawn from the merchant’s account on a monthly basis for the inactivity in the prior month (For example: If you do not process a sale in the month of April, you will receive a charge of $15 on your statement in the month of May). If a merchant’s account is deemed to have Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), there will be a NSF fee assessed in the amount of $35, and the account will be placed on hold.  The merchant will not be able to process any transactions until the balance is paid in full. At that time, the account will be reactivated.

The Sign Up Process

We will then enter your information for you onto the application then email you a copy for signature.  Then just scan and email it back or fax it back.  The application will be reviewed by underwriting with a credit history check and address verification.  Store owners must have good or decent credit to be approved.  Store owners with  poor or no credit are typically declined by underwriting.  Applications are generally approved within 4 business days if the store owner has decent credit. Any information missing from the paperwork will result in approval delays.

Required Documentation to Sell Bill Pay

  • Copy of Voided Check
  • Sales Tax Certificate or Number
  • Valid Owner Identification like a Driver’s License or Passport
  • Business License
  • Proof of Address (copy of utility bill)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Copy of Federal Tax ID or First Page of Last Year’s Tax Return

Now Available in New York

If you have a good location and don’t have an ATM, you might also consider getting an ATM machine?


Apply or fill out the contact form and ask a question


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Comments (8)

  1. Tiffany

    Hey Lara,

    I am not existing business, I am try to start a walk-in bill payment business can you tell me what I need to do get started.

    • Admin

      Hello Tiffany.

      This is what you need to know if you are not an existing business.
      1) The Prineta walk-in bill payment business is only for retail businesses, so the first step is to find a good retail location with proximity to group of people that may need the service. Location is the most important factor of success. Location, location, location is true. Incorporate with your State and get a Federal Tax ID. This is required. You also need a Sales Tax ID. Must have documentation to be accepted. Must have good or decent credit. Owners with poor or no credit will be declined.
      2) You need to realize that you probably won’t make enough money to support your retail location if you only offer a bill payment center. If you are going to have a location and a clerk, maybe that’s you, but either way; why not sell other goods and services while you are at it. We recommend going all the way with a small scale mini convenience and service store. You might as well. You can make much more money if you sell a bundle of goods or services. People that use the bill payment center will also likely be interested in prepaid cell phone minutes, reloadable prepaid visa cards, mail and copy center, internet café, coffee and other drinks, meals ready to eat. Notary public is often needed in certain communities, immigration assistance services are also good, and other complimentary products and services. Just start small, run a good business, then expand by reinvesting some of the cash generated from the business. The bill payment centers that make good money are almost always offer other products and services. It just makes good sense. The more foot traffic, the more opportunities to make money. If people come in your store to buy other things, that’s a good opportunity to let them know about your other services. Be the financial and convenience hub of a busy neighborhood.

      Anyone else out there want to comment?

  2. Miriam Durand

    I have an existing business and would like to generate more traffic, please let me know what i should do to start this bill pay business

  3. vince ehule

    please can somebody call me back.i have a convenient store in macon georgia and will be interested in this program.my contact number is < >.

  4. Chad


    • Admin

      Hello Chad.

      We don’t have a specific credit score requirement — it is “case by case” but below 500 is generally not approved. What really matters most is that you have a real, operating retail business in the United States with verifiable proof of address. There are multiple factors considered and credit limits are sometimes available so it is best to go ahead and apply if you have a real business.

  5. b$harp

    Do you have an affiliate program where I can market your services and make a commission for business sign-ups that I generate?

    • G Jason Schnellbacher

      Hello b$harp.

      We do not have an affiliate program for the Bill Payment Center program. This program is for retail stores only.

      However, we have an affiliate-style program for reloadable prepaid cards called Cascade. It is a cash back rewards program that pays cash back based on the spending of people referred into the program. That might be something you like if you are into online marketing. You can watch some videos and learn how the program works at http://www.cascadecard.com/getcash.

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