How to Load Cash in an ATM Machine

This guide is intended for individuals who will be utilizing one of the ATM services programs which requires the site owner / merchant to load the machine. This includes: ATM Purchase Program (Buy an ATM from Prineta, load it yourself, you keep 100% of the profits) ATM Partnership Program (Prineta places an ATM at your location, you load it, we split the profits 50/50) Loading is a lot simpler than this lengthy guide makes it sound. Usually to load a machine it only takes 5 minutes. Get bills, put them in the machine, update the number of bills in the ATMs computer, …

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Nightclub ATM Service

Looking for an ATM services company to help you get an ATM for your nightclub?  You’ve come to the right place.  Prineta, the nightclub ATM company, specializes in ATM services for busy nightclubs, bars, pubs and all drinking establishments.  We offer full service ATM solutions, including financing the cash and loading the cash in Kansas City. Out of state, we can sell you an ATM at wholesale prices and put you in contact with a local installer.  We’ll set up all the processing for you so the money gets deposited directly to you bank account; daily if you want it.  It is a nice way for entertainment district moguls to increase profits for nightclubs; pure cash.  ATMs are very popular when it comes to improving the life of the party if you know what I mean.  Every good party needs an ATM.  First you need to buy an ATM.  Then we can walk you through how to administer the ATM over the phone.  Our ATM processing partner has the best support in the industry.  We get compliments from nightclub owners all the time.  When you operate your own nightclub ATM, without years of experience administering them , it is super important to have good support.  24/7/365.  It is an easy way to make money if you own a nightclub, bar, pub, tavern, or just about any drinking establishment.

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What is an ATM Dispute?

An ATM dispute is when a cardholder requests money from your ATM and claims the ATM didn’t dispense the money, even though the amount was still debited from the cardholder’s account and credited to the ATM’s vault cash account.

When this happens the ATM processor will open an investigation and you typically have three days to provide the ATM journal.  Below is an example of how you will be notified.


Tran Date: 11/07/2011
Tran Time: 14:15:40
Tran Seq No: 180
Switch Seq No: 0
Dispute Amount: $43 Debit
Original Transaction Amount $ 43
Card Number: ************5580

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Help to Reprogram ATMs to Switch Processors

Fed up with an unreliable ATM agent that won’t call back?  Looking for a bigger slice of the surcharge pie?  If you own an ATM and would like help reprogramming it so you can switch ATM processors, we can help.  Switching ATM processing is easy.  To take advantage of higher revenue sharing, call 800-951-9533.

Typically, we can set up new ATM processing accounts and walk you through the reprogramming process in one day.  Phone support to reprogram ATMs is available nationwide with local on-site service available in some markets.

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ATM Services in Lawrence and Topeka, KS

Need to get an ATM installed?  Looking for ATM services in the Lawrence or Topeka, KS area?  We offer free ATM installation and placement for locations near the University of Kansas and Washburn University (student housing and bars) as well as hotels, convenience stores, event facilities, and other busy locations that need cash.  We also sell a full range of ATMs if you want to own and load your own ATM.  Need to reprogram an ATM you already own so you get a bigger slice of the surcharge pie?  You’ve come to the right place. We can help you with just about anything ATM related.  Prineta is based in Overland Park, KS and we have a full time technician that lives in Lawrence.  We want to be your ATM company.  Call 800-951-9533 and ask for Tanner.

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Debit Interchange Going Down 40% in October

Effective October 1st, 2011, the Fed will begin enforcing debit interchange rules that cap bank fees at $0.21 and 0.05% (5bp).  In addition to lower fees on debit transactions, the amendment also enforces the right to choose at least two unaffiliated PIN debit networks (“the ATM network”) and disallows efforts to restrict choice.

Your debit interchange fees are going down 40% in October 2011.  As signature debit cards are sometimes the most popular payment method this could mean big savings.

If you like the sound of that, what if you could start saving 40% on debit now?

We need to talk.

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