New Terminal to Accept MasterCard PayPass

Looking for a new payment terminal to accept MasterCard PayPass?  You’ve come to the right place.  We give away free MasterCard PayPass compatible contactless NFC readers to qualified merchants that switch merchant accounts.

Check out the new MasterCard PayPass commercial; coming to phones near you this summer!

800-951-9533Do you operate in a quick service environment?  Are your customers technology early adopters or the under 30 demographic?  Then MasterCard PayPass is probably for you.  It can speed up transactions and allow you to participate in the new Google Offers Google SingleTap™ program that allows customers to pay and redeem offers in a single tap via NFC.

The new Google Wallet is accepted everywhere that MasterCard PayPass is accepted.  We can help your business get listed in the Android Locator App and with other directories associated with Google Wallet and Google Offers.

These new contactless NFC readers can be added to most existing credit card terminals, Point of Sale (POS) systems and Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) providing complete integration with your current system and check-out lane.

Not sure if your current credit card terminal will support a new NFC reader?  We can help.

These new terminals are free to qualified merchants that switch processors.  On-site installation is available in the Kansas City and Sacramento areas.

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