ATM Company in Billings, Montana

If you are looking for an ATM services company in Billings Montana or surrounding communities, then you have come to the right place. 

This is the page on Prineta’s website dedicated to Billings and the surrounding Montana and Northern Wyoming area.

Our Services

We are a full-service ATM company in Montana with statewide services including: ATM placement, ATM maintenance and repair, ATM transaction processing, ATM installation, ATM Sales with free shipping, armored truck cash loading and more.
Get an ATM machine for your business in Montana by taking advantage of our Free ATM placement program: we place an ATM in your business, take care of everything, and pay you for it.
For more detailed info about our company and ATM services please visit our main ATM page:

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Establishments we Service

We specialize in ATM placements for hotels and but we also service many other businesses and establishments such as:  resorts, high-rise condos, liquor stores, gas stations, convention centers, bars, amusement parks, airports, lounges, casinos, truck stops, speedways, event facilities, country clubs, shopping malls, bowling alleys, aquariums, nightclubs, laundromats, gentlemen’s clubs, zoos, supermarkets, hospitals,stadiums, restaurants, convenience stores, retail stores, movie theaters, pool halls, university dorms, grocery stores, and many more.

We provide ATM services for the following areas:

We provide ATM installation and management for businesses in Billings, Montana. Including businesses in the area near the Billings Logan Airport2 miles northwest of the city.

We provide ATM services for and installation for businesses east of billings in cities such as Glendive, Miles City, Colstrip.

We place ATMs for businesses in several of the cities surrounding the Billings area including Hardin, Laurel and Red Lodge and more.

We provide ATM services for the cities West of Billings along I-90 such as Livingston, Bozeman, Belgrade, Columbus, and Manhattan.

We manage ATMs in cities to the north along Highway 87 such as Roundup and Lewistown.

Our ATM service area covers a large part of Northern Wyoming including the towns of Powell, WY and Sheridan, WY

We have connections in Northwestern Montana area including in which we can service ATMs in the towns of Helena, Missoula, Butte, Calispel, Great Falls, Coeur d’Alene and many more.

We can also install and load ATM machines in the area as far north as Glasgow, Wolf Point.

google maps image of billings montana northern wyoming southeastern montana with blue service area polygon

Request a Proposal

We have a local ATM division office based in Billings Montana. If you are interested in getting an ATM in Montana, or any other ATM service, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below. Depending on your location we can have one of our local Prineta ATM representatives come visit you at your location in person and talk to you about installing an ATM.