ATM Services and Sales

We are a nationwide ATM management company  offering ATM sales and service in all 50 States.  We install, manage and service ATM machines at convention centers, hotels, airports, shopping malls, stadiums and arenas, university housing, downtown condo buildings, check cashing places, bars and restaurants, and other places for property managers and merchants. We are the local ATM company in Kansas City and have expanded over the years with local ATM Services in Las Vegas, South Florida, the Texas Triangle, and San Diego.

We are one of the fastest growing ATM companies in America with a proven business model of partnering with local installers, technicians, and cash-loaders to service ATM needs nationwide.  We attend ATM industry conferences every year to meet other ATM operators and continually work on developing our partner network so we can get to most places in the country and service organizations with multiple locations.  We have one of the largest extended networks in the country.

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Merchant Accounts

Credit Card Processing

We specialize in the more complex and sophisticated merchant bankcard processing needs that most sales agents cannot service, including high volume merchants that need PCI Level 1 security and need back office integrations, “PCI out of scope” software integration for POS systems, pay-at-the pump accounts for unbranded gas stations, high risk merchant accounts, e-commerce accounts with WooCommerce and other popular shopping carts, UK/EU and international accounts, and more.

We serve a diverse client base and maintain independent agent market partner type relationships with more than 20 different payment service providers (acquiring processors and payment gateways) that specialize in different segments of the payments industry so we can get our clients matched with a provider that specializes in what they need. Similar to an independent insurance agent that writes policies with multiple insurance companies, we set up merchant accounts with wide range of different payment service providers.

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Retail & Restaurant 

Nearly all Point-of-Sale systems. “PCI-out-of-scope” Solutions.  Interchange Plus Pricing. Next Day Funding. Special Pricing.

E-Commerce & Virtual Terminal 

WooCommerce. Authorize.Net. Gateway API. Multiple MID Load Balancing. 3-D Secure Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

High Risk

Solutions for “Hard to Place Merchant Types”. Multiple Sources. Multiple MIDs. US, UK/EU, Offshore. Experienced Advice.


Sell Worldwide. UK/EU Merchant Accounts. Multiple Currencies. China Union Pay. Offshore: Panama, Belize, Gibraltar, Caribbean. Fraud Scrub.


ACH & eCheck Processing


Automated Clearing House

If you need a more sophisticated ACH payment technology solution or need a higher risk ACH processing account, we can help.  We are experienced payment consultants and independent agents with multiple ACH processor relationships.  B2C ACH accounts can be used for ACH-credits for things like funding of loans and “pre-arranged” (authorized) ACH-debits for auto debit of consumer loan repayments or other payment collection needs.  Corporate ACH accounts can be used for direct deposit of payroll, collecting business-to-business payments, and more.  Solutions for “check by phone” (TEL Debit) and e-commerce (WEB Debit). eCheck21 ACH alternative accounts also available.

We work with some of the best subscription/recurring billing solutions on the market that come with a customer management portal, bulk file uploads, API integration options, flexible and customizeable repayment plan features, secure encrypted and tokenized transactions, robust reporting, and more.

We help clients request proposals from multiple processors and select the processor that is the best fit and has the best overall proposal (RFP Management).  We set up accounts for many different types of businesses, including wholesalers, consumer lenders, business lenders, collections, debit settlement, student loan document preparation, and others.

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POS Systems

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Prepaid and Bill Pay Center

We help convenience and grocery stores, check cashing places, wireless dealer retail stores, and other high traffic locations begin selling prepaid cell phone top-up recharge minutes, gift cards from national retailers, and international long distance calling cards and set up a merchant bill pay program for c-stores, wireless dealers, city offices, apartment complexes and wherever people want to pay utility, telecom, and cable bills in cash.  Terminal-based solutions and web-portal solutions are available. Multiple bill payment service providers to choose from.

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