Get an ATM for your business anywhere in the USA

Your friends in the ATM business!

We are a payment solutions company providing ATM services and a wide variety of other payment services solutions for businesses nationwide.

We are an ATM placement and management company offering full-service free ATM placements and ATM sales with processing.  We install, manage and service ATMs at hotels, airports, gas stations, arenas, convention centers, university housing, nightclubs, bars and many other places

We are the local ATM company in Kansas City and have expanded our service areas over the years to provide services in every metropolitan area in all 50 States as well as many parts of Canada.

Full-Service Free ATM Placements

We specialize in providing fully-managed ATMs at qualified businesses nationwide. If you'd like to get an ATM installed, we can help.


Full-Service Free ATM Placement

We’ll put one of our ATMs in your location for free, take care of everything, and pay you for it. The full-service ATM placement is a completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment, making it our most popular service option.

Merchant-Loaded ATM Partnership

If you provide and load the cash in the ATM, then we will buy and manage the ATM and split the surcharge revenue with you 50/50. Our merchant-loaded ATM partnership is a minimal hands-on program with no financial commitment.

ATM Purchase with Processing

If you buy an ATM from us and load the cash, we’ll do the transaction processing and you can keep 100% of the surcharge revenue. No contracts required. We are an authorized GenMega and Hyosung master dealer/distributor offering wholesale pricing to our processing customers

Cash Loading Services

One of the largest nationwide networks of local, private courier ATM cash loaders. Armored carrier cash replenishment services available for high-volume locations

Wireless ATMs

We provide equipment that allows you to operate ATMs anywhere independently via the Verizon cellular network.

ATM Processing with Free Reprogramming

Have an ATM and need to get it processing transactions? Schedule a free over-the-phone reprogramming with a Prineta ATM technician

ATM Location Aquisition

Looking to downsize and sell your ATM location(s)? We buy ATM portfolios, large and small, whether it’s one ATM or hundreds

Nationwide ATM Installers

We place and setup ATMs daily for businesses nationwide.

See this week’s social media posts for examples of new ATMs we setup for businesses just like yours!