Sell Your ATM Route Or Location

Are you thinking about selling your ATM portfolio, route, or just an individual ATM location? Perhaps you want to sell the entire route and exit the business, or maybe you just want to get rid of a few locations that are outside of your service area and causing too much extra driving.  Prineta might be able to help. We occasionally buy ATM routes – whether it’s one location or hundreds. Since we are a nationwide ATM company, we have the ability to acquire an ATM or route in most parts of the country. We can buy the entire portfolio and manage it, or we can just do the cash loading.

If you’re thinking about selling your ATM location(s), don’t hesitate to contact us

Why are you selling?

Selling an ATM location or portfolio usually doesn’t mean that the business was a failure. Most owners create profitable businesses and make great income form their portfolio, but usually there decision to sell all or a portion of their portfolio is based on other factors, including:

  • Can no longer keep up management or maintenance.
  • Involved in other business interests/ventures.
  • Reduce size of portfolio to optimize company resources
  • Reduce or eliminate time spent driving and cash loading
  • Family emergencies or health issues
  • Old age or retirement
  • Liquidation needs
  • Circumstances beyond your control

Unload the entire portfolio, or just a few ATMs?

If you’re looking to get out the business entirely, we can potentially buy the entire route from you and take over every aspect of the operation. Many times, operators are just looking to get rid of one or a few ATM locations in their portfolio. This can be a good decision for ATM operators who want to maximize their business operation and resources. Sometimes ATM operators will acquire locations way outside of their normal service area and this will cause them a  huge headache. Selling off a few locations can often dramatically increase the overall efficiency of your business operation.

Continue to own the ATM(s) or continue to load the cash.

If you’re wanting to maintain some ownership or involvement in the operations of your ATM(s) and don’t want to get out of the business entirely, we can work with you. If you want to maintain ownership of the machines, then Prineta can just load the cash only. If you’d like to continue loading, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance of ATM-ownership any longer, we can buy the ATM’s from you, and you continue to load them.

Where can Prineta buy ATM locations?

We can buy ATM locations anywhere, nationwide in the US and Canada, and also Puerto Rico. Prineta operates other ATMs in almost every metro area and so chances are we already have other ATMs near your area.

Sell to a reliable and honest ATM service company

We are not trying to get rich off of you selling your route. We simply are looking for opportunities to grow our business. If the deal isnt’ fair for both parties, then we wouldn’t make an offer, it’s that simple.

We have a good reputation in the ATM industry, ask just about anybody in the industry and they might know about us, we regularly attend the ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) and NAC (National ATM Council) conferences and meet other ATM business owners. We’re very good at working with other ATM operators and providing flexible solutions to create win-win situations.

In addition, we can guarantee that if you sell to us, it will also be fair to merchant who’s hosting the ATM in their business. We are a reliable company with good customer service, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s important to feel confident that you’re selling to a company that will properly manage the ATMs, pay the site owners on time and the agreed amount and provide good customer service.

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How does the value of the route get determined?

We want to give you fair market value for your ATM portfolio, but how do we determine what a fair selling price is? Calculating the value of your route can be quite difficult since ATM machines value depreciates, technology changes, and since routes are valued based on so many different variables including:

  • Net cash flow
  • Hours and costs required to run the route
  • Capital / amount of cash required to fill the machines
  • Distance of ATMs from each other
  • Contract length
  • Machine type
  • EMV capability of machines
  • Type of businesses the ATMs are in

To determine the selling price of the route a 3-4 multiple of the yearly cash flow/net income, plus assets is typically used.

Will Prineta Buy My ATM Location?

Feel free to reach out to us and tell us about your ATM location(s) and equipment you’re wanting to sell. We can not guarantee that we will make you any kind of offer, but we will take a look at it and give you an idea if we are able to be a potential buyer or not. 

Fill out the contact form below with as much information about your route as you feel comfortable giving out. We will follow up in 1-2 business days to discuss.