Merchant Accounts

If you need a merchant account consultant, we can probably help. Prineta is a payment consulting company that helps merchants get connected with the best possible merchant account for their specific circumstances and needs.  Think of us like a merchant account broker.

Similar to an independent insurance broker that writes policies with multiple insurance companies, we set up merchant accounts with wide range of different payment service providers. We work with over 20 different payment service providers that all specialize in different things and we can place you with a best-of-breed, top-rated processor that specializes in what you need.

We do a wide range of things to help our clients but our primary focus is on:

  1. Helping clients find solutions that are a good fit for their needs
  2. Lowering net effective rate pricing through sophisticated techniques
  3. Avoiding PCI security risks.  

Basically, we save clients a lot of time and hassle of trying to research different prospective vendors, evaluating them, researching reputation, getting multiple proposals, comparing the different types of pricing to compare apples-to-apples, talking with a bunch of different agents, and all that.

We are like the easy button for the busy merchant that knows he/she needs to find a better processing solution but doesn’t have the time it takes for proper due diligence.  We have tested a lot of processors out there over the years and have a lot of clients with diverse needs and we know which processors have a good reputation for different business types.

verifone mx925 credit card processing machine front with Prineta logo on screen

Benefit from our experience and connections.  Like a “solution broker” for payments needs. There is no cost for this consulting service as we make a small commission from the provider if you go with any of the processors we recommend (and there is no obligation).

While we work with all different types of merchant accounts, we specialize in the more complex and sophisticated merchant bankcard processing needs that most sales agents cannot service, including high volume merchants that need PCI Level 1 security and need back office integrations, “PCI out of scope” software integration for POS systems, pay-at-the pump accounts for unbranded gas stations, high risk merchant accounts, e-commerce accounts with WooCommerce and other popular shopping carts, UK/EU and international accounts, and more.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced merchant account consultant that knows the industry and has a wide range of specialty solutions for different industry verticals, then we should talk.  Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will e-mail you back to arrange a time to talk on the phone.

Retail & Restaurant 

Competition for credit card processing in the retail and restaurant vertical is fierce and pricing for high volume retail accounts is very low.  Processing is a necessary commodity and beyond competitive pricing, what matters most when it comes to vendor selection is Point-of-Sale system integration/compatibility (“integrated technologies”) and “PCI-out-of-scope” solutions.  Many POS systems are only certified on one platform or another; and because of this, we have access to all the major processing platforms: First Data, TSYS, Global, and Paymentech for native/integrated merchant services with no gateway fees. While we do merchant accounts for just about all the major POS systems out there, we do more First Data Merchant Accounts than anything else because we have the most competitive pricing and next day funding with First Data.  First Data is the largest processor in the world with more than half of the market by volume.  And because of this volume, First Data can offer lower per transaction pricing. With smaller average ticket retail accounts, the per transaction fee is the most important; even half-a-penny can add up to a savings worth switching processors for merchants that process more than $1 Million annually. If you send us your statements we will do a savings analysis and give you a proposal for a new merchant account.

E-Commerce & Virtual Terminal

In addition to a merchant account, the e-commerce merchant needs a payment gateway that is integrated with the shopping cart.  And for taking payments over the phone, a virtual terminal is needed. We set up gateway accounts that are compatible with most shopping carts out there and can offer competitive pricing to online merchants. We have a couple partners have offer a free virtual terminal when getting a merchant account. Considering WooCommerce is probably the fastest growing e-commerce platform, we do more of these accounts than anything else.   WooCommerce has plug-ins for payment gateways and that is how we connect the shopping cart to the gateway. We do accounts with most top rated gateways, including those that specialize in high risk. We do quite a few WooCommerce eCig vape online shops.  We do gateway accounts that feature multiple MID load balancing with volume cap limits, support sophisticated fraud prevention tools (including 3-D Secure), and customer data vault store with tokenization and encryption. If you have a need for a specialized or sophisticated e-commerce payment solution, let us know and we will do out best to help you.

High Risk

Processing solutions for “Hard to Place Merchant Types” can be difficult to find.  Many of these processors cannot be found online and are only available through agent/broker relationships.  We have those relationships, we have multiple sources for high risk accounts.  Not just one or two sources, several sources.  We have cultivated relationships with financial institutions willing to work with higher risk business types with more complicated business models.  Considering the importance of business continuity, we often help higher risk clients set up multiple MIDs with a payment gateway that does multi-MID load balancing.  That way if something happens with one account, you have another account so there is no disruption to the business.  We mostly do US accounts but do offer UK/EU accounts, tribal accounts, and offshore accounts.

We do accounts for payday lenders evolving to the installment loan model (including tribal). eCig vape shops. Collections companies. Student Loan Document Preparation. Continuity (SIC 5968) that offer free trials with automatic membership enrollment if not cancelled for nutraceutical or membership organizations.


For US merchants that want to sell worldwide, multiple currency support and alternative payment methods are critical to growth.  We understand the needs of merchants expanding internationally and can help with your payment needs. WooCommerce does multiple languages and supports multiple currencies.  For merchants not incorporated/registered/domiciled in the United States getting a merchant account can be difficult. We can help you too. We do UK/EU Merchant Accounts. Multiple Currencies. Accept China Union Pay. Offshore: Panama, Belize, Gibraltar, Caribbean. Fraud Scrub.

Request a Free Consultation

If you are interested in some assistance with your merchant account needs, then complete the form below and put your details into the text box. We will follow up with you right away via email to send you our short merchant information form and/or “pre-app” form that gives us all the basic information about your company. Then send that back and we will arrange a time to talk on the phone about your situation and your needs.  Or you can complete the form online at if you want to expedite the process.  Then from there we talk to a couple different processors that we believe would be a good fit for your needs and help you through the application and on-boarding process.  Most accounts do not have application or set up fees and there is no obligation to use any of the processors we recommend.