Merchant Services

Hello and welcome to the Merchant Services page of  This is where you will find information about the different types of merchant payment processing options and solutions offered by Prineta USA.  We are glad you are here.

Before we go into all the different ways we can help you with your merchant payment processing needs, please allow us to first tell you little about Prineta USA.  We are not just a sales shop for one product; we are a very experienced full service payment consultant and “solution broker“.  Because our clients have diverse needs, we set up processing accounts with over twenty (20) different payment service providers.  Similar to how the insurance industry works: where you work with an insurance broker who writes policies for multiple insurance companies and depending on what you need, he/she will recommend the best policy and then set up the account for you.  We are like that but in the payments industry; that’s why we call ourselves “solution brokers”.  Not all companies offer what you need because they often specialize to better compete in the marketplace; and it is the job of the broker to know which ones specialize in which things and be able to set up accounts with multiple providers. There are a ton of payments companies out there but which one is best for your specific needs?  Figuring out which one can support what you need is not always easy to find.  Helping clients get connected to processors that specialize in what they need  is what we do.  We match merchants, our clients, with best-in-class payment service providers.  While we do many different things payment related, when it comes to merchant services, we specialize in the more complex and sophisticated needs. That is when the knowledge and experience of an expert professional is most valuable.

Merchant Accounts

  • We specialize in the more complex and sophisticated merchant credit card processing needs that most sales agents cannot service, including high volume merchants, pay-at-the pump for unbranded gas stations, “PCI out of scope” software integration for POS systems, high risk merchant accounts, international e-commerce, and others.
  • Terminal-based solutions and web-portal solutions are available. Multiple bill payment service providers to choose from.We partner with First Data Independent Sales to offer interchange plus pricing on First Data Merchant Accountsnext day funding merchant accounts. Accounts for all First Data front end platforms North(Cardnet), South(Nabanco), Nashville(Envoy), Omaha and BuyPass(Concord/Atlanta).
  • We have a partners program for independent sales agents and organizations can begin selling merchant services directly with the same partners we use. Ask about our First Data ISO Agent Program and our High Risk ISO/Agent Program.
  • We offer native/integrated merchant services (“no gateway required”) for just about any POS system with access to the top-4 processing platforms by certifications; First Data, Global, TSYS, and Paymentech.
  • We offer virtual terminal solutions to “MOTO Merchants” (Mail Order Telephone Order) that need to accept card not present transactions over the phone or need easy recurring payments.
  • We can provide alternative funding merchant cash advances to growing retail businesses not able to qualify for traditional bank loans

Point of Banking / Cashless ATMs

  • We offer this POB Debit solution for merchants with retail sales locations within the US only.
  • Process all bank issued debit cards and credit cards if the customer has a PIN at the point of sale.


  • We offer custom payment solution, electronic transaction processing consulting, and commercial payment system integration services