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Get an ATM For Your Cash-Only Business

Are you a small business owner that’s getting tired of the endless fees from credit card processing and thinking about transitioning into a cash-only business? You’re not alone – here at Prineta we receive calls and inquiries almost daily from merchants just like you looking to ditch their merchant account and go cash-only with an ATM on-site.

Cash Only Business Sign


You’re Not Alone

Many think that cash-only businesses are uncommon. In fact, research by Intuit GoPayment Survey shows that approximately 55% of US small businesses do not accept credit cards.


55 Percent of US small businesses do not accept credit cards and are cash-only - Intuit GoPayment Survey

You may know of some businesses that are cash-only, you may even be a customer. With some types of businesses it is more common than others to be cash-only.

Some businesses that are commonly cash-only:

  • Barbershops & Hair Salons
  • Nail salons
  • Spas & Massage Places
  • Bars, Taverns, Pubs
  • Dispensaries
  • Tattoo Studios
  • Laundromats
  • Strip Clubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Small Restaurants
  • Pizzerias
  • Donut Shops
  • Coffee Shops & Cafes
  • Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurants
  • Ice Cream Shops

Endless Credit Card Processing Fees

Accepting credit cards usually costs the merchant around 3% of the purchase and can often come with all kinds of other fees. Depending on the merchant account provider you’ve chosen, you may recognize some of the following:

  • Setup Fees
  • Interchange Reimbursement Fees
  • Terminal Fees
  • Payment Gateway Fees
  • PCI Fees
  • Annual Fees
  • Early Termination Fees
  • Monthly Fees
  • Monthly Minimum Fees
  • Statement Fees
  • IRS Report Fees
  • Online Reporting Fee
  • Network Fees
  • Incidental Fees
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) Fees
  • Voice Authorization Fees
  • Retrieval Request Fees
  • Chargeback Fee
  • Fraud Accountability Fees
  • Batch Fees
  • NSF Fees

The list goes on and on…

For some merchants this is a big decision. For others who are drowning in fees it’s a no-brainer. Some business owners just look at it as the cost of doing business, but others seek to find another way.


Sign in a store: To provide quick service and keep prices down we don't accept credit/debit cards

Won’t I Lose Business If We’re Cash-Only?

The truth is that it’s a cost-benefit analysis – You may lose some customers at the beginning, the “if you don’t like it go somewhere else” types. If you calculate how much you would be paying in yearly card processing fees compared to the amount of yearly revenue you missed out on from a few disappointed customers then you’ll have your answer. Most businesses will retain the majority of their loyal customer base. These customers who enjoy the products or services will be there to stay, regardless of payment types accepted. 

Get an ATM Installed On-Site

The best way to offset any customer loss due to a cash-only transition is to ensure customers have quick access to cash via an ATM. Since many people nowadays don’t carry cash, when people need cash they almost never have it. Having access to an ATM solves this issue. Almost every customer who wants to pay with credit card will also have a debit card and can use the ATM to get cash. Sending them down the street to the gas station or bank branch to use the ATM often results in them leaving and never coming back. Getting an ATM installed on-site ensures that the customers always have quick access to cash when they need it.

Cash Only ATM Located Inside of Store Sign in Storefront Window

Free Full-Service ATM Placement

Almost all cash-only businesses qualify for our Free Full-Service ATM Placement program. With this program, Prineta will place and operate an ATM we own at your business, entirely for free! There is no cost at any time. All we need is an electrical outlet and about 2 square feet of floor space. In many cases we can place the ATM for you before you eliminate the card terminal so everything goes as smoothly as possible when you do switch.  

Call Prineta today at 1-800-951-9533 to speak with a representative about getting an ATM placed.

Buy and Operate an ATM Yourself

The other alternative is to buy an ATM and operate it yourself. With ATM purchase you keep 100% of the revenue generated from when people pay to use the ATM. If you own and operate the ATM yourself you have more flexibility, for example, you can set a $0.00 surcharge fee so customers will not have to pay to get cash. You can also set a high withdrawal limit per transaction, so customers can take out up to $600 instead of the normal $200 per transaction amount.

Cash-Preferred and Semi-Cash-Only Businesses

Give Cash Discounts or Charge Extra for Card Purchases

Some stores aren’t willing to eliminate credit card payments entirely, but are still tired of the fees and want to reduce the amount customers paying with cards. Some merchants add an extra 3% to the price for card payments. Others make the customers aware that you prefer cash payments by putting up a sign offering a discount for cash payments. Another option is to have a minimum purchase requirement for credit card payments – any purchases under $20 must be paid with cash. Full-service ATM placement are also usually available to these businesses, but it will largely depend on foot traffic. Let customers know that using the ATM supports your business.


Semi-Cash-Only Businesses

Some businesses have select products or services that can only be paid for with cash, while the majority of the other products/services can be paid for with credit cards. One example is a business who sells lotto and regulations require they can’t be paid for with card. Another example is how many salons, spas, and restaurants accept card payments for the main purchase but require cash payments for tips.  This simplifies the accounting since often the waiter or stylist will be the one who has to take a cut if tips are paid with card.

Canada-Wide ATM Placement & Services Company

If you’re looking to get an ATM installed in Canada (or any other kind of ATM service) you’ve come to the right place. Prineta is an ATM company specializing in deployment and servicing of independently operated ATM machines (also commonly referred to as: ABMs, white-label machines, automated bank machine, cash machine, or guichet automatique).

two genmega atm machines and canadian flagAREAS WE SERVICE

Prineta places and manages ATMs all across Canada, primarily in the Canadian provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Prineta can also service the Northern Canadian territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut) but only for certain business locations and services.

map of canada with maple leafs on cities showing ATM service areas
List of Canadian cities we service:

  • Toronto / Mississauga
  • Montreal / Laval
  • Vancouver / Surrey
  • Ottawa / Gatineau
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Quebec City / Lévis
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton / Burlington
  • Kitchener / Cambridge / Waterloo
  • London
  • St. Catharines – Niagara / Niagara Falls, Welland
  • Halifax
  • Oshawa / Whitby, Clarington
  • Victoria / Saanich
  • Windsor / Lakeshore
  • Saskatoon
  • Regina
  • Sherbrooke / Magog
  • St. John’s / Mount Pearl, Conception Bay South
  • Barrie / Innisfil
  • Kelowna / West Kelowna
  • Abbotsford – Mission
  • Greater Sudbury
  • Kingston / South Frontenac, Loyalist
  • Saguenay
  • Trois-Rivières
  • Guelph
  • Moncton / Dieppe, Riverview
  • Brantford / Brant
  • Saint John / Quispamsis
  • Thunder Bay
  • Peterborough / Selwyn


We are a full-service ATM company, offering a variety of ATM-related services.


The most popular service we offer is our free full-service ATM placement. With this program, Prineta will place one of the ATMs we own at your business or establishment and have one of our local ATM technicians manage everything related to the ATM’s operation including the cash loading, maintenance and servicing. This is all entirely free. There is no cost at any time and the best part: we pay you a commission every time someone uses the ATM!
There is also a 50-50 merchant-loaded ATM placement in which we place one of our ATMs at your business for free, then instead of having our cash loader refill the ATM, we set you, the merchant up as the cash loader. If you load your cash in the ATM instead of having our guy do it, we’ll give you a bigger cut of the revenue!.
Both ATM placement options are for qualified locations only. Contact us to see if your business qualifies.

ATM Withdrawal Canada 20 CAD


If you want to buy an ATM and operate the ATM yourself we can help you with that too. We sell new ATMs for around 2500-3000 CAD. We’ll work with you through the process to set you up as the ATM operator and cash loader. Prineta will handle the transaction processing, there are no monthly fees or minimums. Prineta also has options for maintenance-included ATM purchases.


If you own the ATM (or multiple ATMs) and don’t want to load the ATM(s) yourself, we can help with that. We have local ATM cash loaders and technicians servicing most cities across Canada. We’ll provide the cash, load it regularly, and also include first-line maintenance and basic repairs. Usually cash loading is set up as a fixed dollar amount per transaction. Better rates available for locations with higher volume or those that are willing to switch their transaction processing to Prineta.

Canadian $20 bills


If you’re interested in getting any kind of ATM services for your business, give us a call at 1-800-951-9533 and speak with one of our ATM service representatives today, or you can fill out our website contact form below and we’ll follow up with a phone call or email within a day.

Get an EMV Upgrade Kit for Hyosung 1500 – With Installation

Are you looking to upgrade your Nautilus Hyosung NH1500 ATM machine? You’re not alone. The Hyosung 1500 is one of the most ubiquitous ATMs on the market. There are thousands of people upgrading their 1500 ATM recently. Some choose to do it themselves, and some prefer to have a Prineta ATM technician come out and do it for them.

Either way, You’ll need to buy an upgrade kit. The price is approximately $800.00

Hyosung 1500 atm emv card reader upgrade kit

Kit includes:
EMV Card Reader
Mainboard – WINCE6.0 Main and I/O Board
Full Color Monitor Assembly – Includes Bezel, Panel, Inverter and Function Keys
All necessary cables

Once you buy the upgrade kit you’ll need to install it. Some people may be able to handle the upgrade themselves, but most people prefer to hire a Prineta ATM technician to come out and do it for them. Prineta has a nationwide network of ATM technicians whom each charge their own hourly maintenance rates.

For qualified locations that already to a large number of transactions, we can provide discounted rates and sometimes even FREE upgrades for those who are willing to switch their ATM services to Prineta.

If you’d like to have an ATM technician come out and upgrade your machine for you, call Prineta’s office at 1-800-951-9533.

If you’d like to try and upgrade your ATM yourself, follow the instructions below:

If you have the newer style printer which has the green paper release lever on top then you’ll need to verify that your SPR firmware is V00.07.05 or above for operation of your printer to work. Most people have the older style printer with the paper release lever underneath paper path. If this is the case then you’ll need to verify you’re firmware is V00.03.07 (aka v54) or above for operation

You’ll also need to make sure your dip switches on the older style printer board are all on except #2 will be off.

Download (PDF, 1.38MB)


Sell Us Your ATM Portfolio or Location – We Buy ATM Routes

Are you thinking about selling your ATM portfolio, route, or just an individual ATM location? Perhaps you want to sell the entire route and exit the business, or maybe you just want to get rid of a few locations that are outside of your service area and causing too much extra driving.  Whatever it is, Prineta can help. We buy ATM routes large and small, whether it’s one location or hundreds. We can buy ATMs anywhere in the country. We can buy the entire portfolio and manage it, or we can just do the cash loading.

If you’re thinking about selling, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Map of ATM machine route portfolio


Why are you selling?

Selling an ATM location or portfolio usually doesn’t mean that the business was a failure. Most owners create profitable businesses and make great income form their portfolio, but usually there decision to sell all or a portion of their portfolio is based on other factors, including:

  • Can no longer keep up management or maintenance.
  • Involved in other business interestes/ventures.
  • Reduce size of portfolio to optimize company resources
  • Reduce or eliminate time spent driving and cash loading
  • Family emergencies or health issues
  • Old age or retirement
  • Liquidation needs
  • Circumstances beyond your control

Unload the entire portfolio, or just a few ATMs

If you’re looking to get out the business entirely, we can buy the entire route from you and take over every aspect of the operation. Many times, operators are just looking to get rid of one or a few ATM locations in their portfolio. This can be a good decision for ATM operators who want to maximize their business operation and resources. Sometimes ATM operators will acquire locations way outside of their normal service area and this will cause them a  huge headache. Selling off a few locations can often dramatically increase the overall efficiency of your business operation.

Continue to own the ATM(s) or continue to load the cash.

If you’re wanting to maintain some ownership or involvement in the operations of your ATM(s) and don’t want to get out of the business entirely, we can work with you. If you want to maintain ownership of the machines, then Prineta can just load the cash only. If you’d like to continue loading, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance of ATM-ownership any longer, we can buy the ATM’s from you, and you continue to load them.

Where can Prineta buy ATM locations?

We can buy ATM locations anywhere, nationwide in the US and Canada, and also Puerto Rico. Prineta operates other ATMs in almost every metro area and so chances are we already have other ATMs near your area.


Sell to a reliable and honest ATM service company

We are not trying to get rich off of you selling your route. We simply are looking for opportunities to grow our business. If the deal isnt’ fair for both parties, then we wouldn’t make an offer, it’s that simple.

We have a good reputation in the ATM industry, ask just about anybody in the industry and they might know about us, we regularly attend the ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) and NAC (National ATM Council) conferences and meet other ATM business owners. We’re very good at working with other ATM operators and providing flexible solutions to create win-win situations.

In addition, we can guarantee that if you sell to us, it will also be fair to merchant who’s hosting the ATM in their business. We are a reliable company with good customer service, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s important to feel confident that you’re selling to a company that will properly manage the ATMs, pay the site owners on time and the agreed amount and provide good customer service.

National ATM Council (NAC) Logo color png 150x150
logo ATM Industry Association Member ATMIA
Icon - BBB Better Business Bureau A Plus Rating

How does the value of the route get determined?

We want to give you fair market value for your ATM portfolio, but how do we determine what a fair selling price is? Calculating the value of your route can be quite difficult since ATM machines value depreciates, technology changes, and since routes are valued based on so many different variables including:

  • Net cash flow
  • Hours and costs required to run the route
  • Capital / amount of cash required to fill the machines
  • Distance of ATMs from each other
  • Contract length
  • Machine type
  • EMV capability of machines
  • Type of businesses the ATMs are in

To determine the selling price of the route a 3-4 multiple of the yearly cash flow/net income, plus assets is typically used.

Fill out the information contact form below and we will follow up with you in 1-2 business day with an offer:

Fields marked with a * are required.


Get Video Gaming Machines For Your Business in Illinois

Are you looking to get Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) for your bar, restaurant or other establishment in Illinois?

Prineta is video gaming machine distributor affiliated with multiple experienced gaming operators throughout the state of Illinois. We provide Video Gaming Terminals (also known as VGTs, video lottery terminals, VLTs, video gambling machines, video slots and video poker machines) to bars, fraternal organizations, restaurants, truck stops, veteran organizations and other related establishments. Our network of IGB-approved gaming vendors creates a statewide footprint; we’ll get you connected with a terminal operator who installs and services video gaming in your local area.video gaming terminals VGTs in illinois state


What types of establishments are allowed to have video gaming?

Currently VGTs in illinois are limited to the following establishment types:

  • Bars
  • Veteran Organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Truck Stops (No liquor license required)

How does it work? Who does what?

Typically the Establishment Owner will sign a gaming service agreement with the Terminal Operator which outlines the following:

Video Gaming Terminal Operator will:

  • Own, install and maintain the gaming machine(s)
  • Covers all start up costs.
  • Pay all of the taxes due to the state of Illinois
  • Pay a percentage of the earnings to the establishment.

Establishment will:

  • Provide public access to the gaming terminals ONLY to people over the age of 21.
  • Maintain an on-premise liquor license (truck stops are exempt from this rule)
  • Maintain the $100/year licensing fee with the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB)

The Gaming Board will:

  • Monitor and control all activity on the machines through their central computer system.
  • Track revenues generated.
  • Provide transparency and accountability to all parties.

Gambler with beer playing video gaming terminal at illinois bar

How much can I make? What’s my cut?

The site owner gets 35% of the profits from the machine. The Illinois Video Gaming Act mandates that 30% of the profits are paid to the state of Illinois and also requires that the profits are shared equally between the terminal operator and the establishment/retailer. Therefore the remaining 70% is split 50/50 between the Terminal Operator and the Establishment and each party gets 35%


What kinds of machines can be provided?

We can provide terminals from various manufacturers, including but not limited to: IGT, WMS, Novomatic, Bally Speilo,  AGS, WMS, M3T, ITIT, Aristocrat and others.

video gaming terminal manufacturers logos

7s Wild, Black Widow, Bonus Poker Deluxe, Bonus Poker, Candy Bars, Cats, Dangerous Beauty, Deuces Wild Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Double Joker, Fire Opals, Fire Horse, Gold Bar 7’s, Golden Goddess, Jacks Or Better, Joker Poker, Kitty Glitter, Lotus Flower, Shadow Of The Panther, Secrets Of The Forest, Siberian Storm, Stinkin’ Rich, Super Double Bonus Poker, Super Double Double Bonus Poker, Thundering Buffalo, Triple Double Bonus Poker, Triple Double Diamond, Triple Red Hot 7s, Wild Wolf, Wolf Run

American Original, Blazing 7 Shots, Hot Rocks, Playboy Hot Zone, Mega Winner II, Bonus Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Dueces Wild Poker, Joker Poker, Pick’em Poker, Quick Hit Triple Blazing 7s, Emerald Falls, Shadow Diamond, Spin For Cash, Texas Dice, Thunderhorn

Big City 5s, Cherry Chests, Egyptian Quest, Frost & Fire 7s, Jacks or Better Poker, Joker Poker, Kapow, Abe’s Lucky 8 Lines, Lucky Bells Keno, Quick Pay Jackpots, Royal Spins, Slot Jockey, Smash The Pig, Super Last Draw Keno, TAWA The Sun Spirit, The Big Easy, The Wild Life, Treasures of Olympus, Triple Ace Poker, Vegas Classic, Wild Mermaids, Wild Wranglers

Bier Haus, Count Money, Double Double Bonus Poker, Diamonds Dublin, Dueces Wild Poker, Invaders From The Planet Moolah, Jackpot Block Party, Jacks or Better Poker, Jade Palace, Reel Rich Devil, Spartucus, Triple Golden Cherries, Zeus II

How do I get set up?

The terminal operator will help guide the establishment owner through every step of the application and set up process. Start by contacting us today through the form below and we’ll have a gaming representative contact you soon:

Fields marked with a * are required.

How much space is required for an ATM machine?

Most standalone retail ATMs take up about 2 square feet of floor space (the “footprint”) and are around 4 ½ feet tall.

Below are the dimensions for our two most used and popular ATM models.


GenMega 2500 Dimensions:
Height: 56.3” (4 feet, 8.3 inches)
Width: 15.8” (1 foot, 3.8 inches)
Depth: 22.3” (1 foot, 10.3 inches)
Hyosung 2700 Dimensions:
Height: 52.3″ (4 feet, 4.3 inches)
Width: 15.7″ (1 foot, 3.7 inches)
Depth: 18.4″ (1 foot, 6.4 inches)


Hyosung 1500 ATM machine in a convenience store gas station

Space needed for door to open

It is important to remember that there will need to be some additional space in front of the ATM and just to the front-left part of the ATM so the door can swing open and it can be loaded with cash.


ADA Compliance

Section 707 of the Americans with Disabilities Act  requires that ATMs are readily accessible to individuals with disabilities. The clear ground/floor space in front of the ATM at a minimum must measure 30 inches by 48 inches. The figure below is a helpful representation of space needed for access.

handicap access areaADA Compliance ATM Machine Space

Still not enough space? Consider a wall-mount ATM.

If space is extremely limited at your establishment and you don’t even have room for a retail ATM, consider getting an ATM such as the Onyx-W which can be mounted to a wall or countertop. This ATM only takes about 3 ½ feet of wall space.


Receiving and Unboxing an ATM Machine Delivery

This post is written for those who have purchased an ATM from Prineta, or who are receiving an ATM from Prineta for an ATM Placement so you will know what to expect when your new ATM arrives.

Be Prepared for Arrival

Before the ATM arrives you will receive an email from Prineta with the shipping/ tracking information and estimated arrival date for the delivery. Please inform your staff about the ATM delivery so that they can sign for and be expecting the package ensuring there is no problem with the delivery. We have encountered situations where the employees didn’t sign for the shipment because they weren’t prepared to receive such a large package. Refusing a delivery creates a lot of unnecessary complications.

The ATM will come in a cardboard box on a small crate, about 21 inches by 29 inches, and about 5 feet tall. The ATM package will weigh approximately 225 pounds. You’ll need to use a dolly (hand-truck) to move the ATM package.

ATM Delivery - 3 ATM Machine Packages Hyosung

Package Inspection

Upon delivery of the package, the first thing you should do is inspect the package for any damages or mishandling. It’s best to take a quick look at the package while the delivery person is still there at your location.

damaged package

Some boxes will come with a “Tip-N-Tell” or tilt/drop indicator. Check to see if your box has a tilt indicator and if it does, see if it indicates that the package was dropped.
Tip-N-Tell shipping tilt indicator animated gif

If the cardboard packaging has any large dents or holes or if the tilt indicator show signs of mishandling, do not refuse the shipment. It does not mean that anything is wrong with the ATM itself, or that you need to ship the machine back to the manufacturer, it only shows that if the ATM is damaged it could be the fault of the carrier.

Mention these damages to the delivery person (if they’re still around) and be sure to make notes of this on the delivery receipt or bill of lading (BOL). Take a few pictures of the damages and email them to atms[at]prineta.com right away.

If the package is damaged, and the delivery person has already left, do not unbox the ATM. You will need an immediate inspection from the carrier. Leave it in the original packaging until the shipping company can come by to inspect it.

The Unboxing

When unboxing the ATM, do not immediately discard the packaging materials. It’s a good idea to save all the packaging material for a week or two. If there are any problems with the ATM it can be shipped back to the manufacturer using the original packaging.

  1. Use scissors to cut off the two plastic straps.
  2. Pull the lid off the top of the cardboard box.
  3. Take the styrofoam out of the top of the box.
  4. Slide the box straight up off of the pallet.
  5. Take the plastic bag off of the ATM.
  6. Remove the shrink wrap.

ATM Inspection

There is a small cardboard box that comes with the ATM which contains a paper roll, an operator manual, set up instructions, and a set of keys, among other things. Get the keys and use them to open up the top of the ATM. Take a look inside and see if there is any obvious damages or loose parts.

Use the key to unlock the plastic door covering the safe’s lock. All Prineta ATMs come with electronic locks on the safe. If your ATM came pre-progrmmed, open the safe using the pre-set password (from the pre-programming information). If your ATM was not pre-programmed, use the default password (123456). Once the safe is open, take a look inside at the dispenser and cash cassette, make sure everything looks normal. Even if you’re not familiar with ATM parts, you should be able to notice any major problems.

If anything is wrong with the ATM, we must submit a request to return the ATM to the manufacturer within one week of the arrival date. 

Sometimes the ATM will be secured to the pallet with screws. Use a screwdriver to remove it from the pallet. Once detached from the pallet, you can slide the ATM off or “walk” it off of the pallet.

Now the ATM is ready for a test drive.

Take it for a Test Drive

The ATM should be operated and tested before installing it (bolting it to the floor). Therefore, if you discover that the ATM is not working properly you don’t have to uninstall everything.

Connect the ATM using your preferred network connection method (ethernet cable, phone line). Plug in the ATM to a standard electrical outlet and flip the power switch.

ATM Power Switch

If your ATM came pre-programmed, once it communicates with the network/processor some settings should automatically change and override the factory settings, then it should be ready for operation.

Now it’s time to load some cash. If you are the designated vault cash loader, go ahead and load some $20 bills in the cassette.

For cash loading instructions, see our ATM Cash Loading Guide

Try to use the ATM and do a $20 withdrawal. Once you’ve done your first test transaction and confirmed everything is working properly, it is time to install the ATM.

For installation instructions, see our ATM Installation Guide

How to Load Cash in an ATM Machine

This guide is intended for individuals who will be utilizing one of the ATM services programs which requires the site owner / merchant to load the machine. This includes:

Loading is a lot simpler than this lengthy guide makes it sound. Usually to load a machine it only takes 5 minutes. Get bills, put them in the machine, update the number of bills in the ATMs computer, done. The reason this guide is so long is because we wanted it to be as comprehensive and detailed as possible, in order to impart all the useful knowledge and advice that we have gained from years of experience loading ATMs.

Most of the steps in this guide can apply to almost any ATM, but this guide specifically details the process for loading ATMs manufactured by Hyosung, which are the ones we usually use/sell. This applies to the Hyosung models: Halo 2, Halo, Halo-S, 2700, 1800, 1500. For ATMs made by other manufacturers, such as GenMega, Triton, Hantle, or other ATM manufacturers, the process is mostly similar, but a few things are slightly different, mostly the steps at the end.


Get money from the bank.

Most of the ATMs we sell/place have a single, 1000-note cash cassette, and dispense only $20 bills. With the standard 1000-note cassette, a maximum of $20,000 can be loaded.

Go to your bank and withdraw however much money you want to load in $20 bills. If you want to withdraw a larger amount of bills, such as $20,000, you may need to call your bank branch and give them a couple days notice.

Some loaders will just get cash from their local bank’s ATM. If you want to withdraw large amounts of cash from the bank ATM you should contact your bank and request to raise the withdrawal limit on your debit card. Many banks have a limit of $4000 per withdraw.

cash twenties 10000 dollars


How frequently should I load the ATM?

A typical business owner will usually load their ATM with $2000 to $5000 at a time. Some ATM owners load their ATM daily. Some prefer to stock the ATM up with enough cash to run unattended for weeks, or even months. How frequently you will have to load will depend a lot on these two factors:

Factor 1: How much is the ATM being used?
How many transactions is the ATM doing per day/week/month? Machines that aren’t as busy won’t need to be loaded as frequently.

Factor 2: What is the average withdrawal amount?
Locations where the average withdraw is $20 are going to need to be refilled a lot less frequently than locations where every person that uses the ATM takes out the maximum amount. With most of the machines we place, the maximum withdraw is set at $200.  If you own the machine you can set the maximum withdrawal amount at what ever you want, but you might have to load it more frequently if you do so. Average withdrawal amount for all industries is $60.

Let’s consider two scenarios, considering the loader has only $2500 available for loading.

Infrequent loading scenario:
The machine is rather low-volume only doing 50 transactions per month. Everyone that uses the ATM takes out the minimum amount and does a $20 withdrawal.
50 transactions per month x $20 withdrawal = $1,000 per month.
$2500 / $1000 per month = 1 load per 2.5 months
You would have to load the ATM with $2500 once every 2.5 months

Frequent loading scenario:
The machine is very busy, doing 375 transactions per month. Everyone who uses the machine takes out the maximum amount and does a $200 withdrawal.
375 transactions per month x $200 withdrawal = $75,000 per month.
$75,000 per month / $2,500 = 30 loads per month
You would have to load the machine with $2500 every single day.

How much cash will I need?

The table below illustrates how much cash will be required for various transaction volumes. This is based on the average cash withdrawal, which is $60.

# ofTransactions/Month 60 120 180 240 300
# of Transactions/Day 2 4 6 8 10
Avg Withdraw Amount $60 $60 $60 $60 $60
Required Weekly Load Amount $900 $1,800 $2,700 $3,600 $4,500

Go through the money. 

You will want to only use bills that are in good condition. The bills do not have to be brand new or in perfect condition. In fact having brand new bills can be a problem. Two brand new bills can stick together and occasionally this will cause the machine grab both bills “a multiple pick” and they will be sent to the reject bin. If you were given a lot of brand new bills you can avoid this by slightly crinkling the bill, or by shuffling and separating them by placing an old bill in between two brand new bills.

Bad or old bills can get caught int he dispenser and cause a “bill jam” and then your mahcine will be out of service until you can remove the bill.  Some loaders skip this step and just deal with a bill jam if it occurs. This is less problematic if you’re there on site with the ATM very often. If you have to drive far to load the machine or make a special trip to load it we would definitely advise going through the money.

We usually do this beforehand at the office, at home, or in the car. For security purposes, this step shouldn’t be done publicly in the business while you’re trying to load. Some loaders do it right there at the bank. Then you can ask the bank teller to replace the bad bills.

TIP: Some banks will do this step and go through the money for you! This is quite uncommon if the bank branch is a very busy one, but we have heard of some banks which you can call before coming, request how many bills you want and they will have a nice perfect stack awaiting you upon your arrival.


Examples of Unacceptable Bills

illustration of money bills in bad condition

  • Torn – It is crucial to make sure the bill doesn’t have a tear from the fold line in the center. A tear in this spot is likely to cause a bill-jam when the lip of the dispenser tries to grab it.  You can easily and quickly tell if the bill has a tear by holding the bill at both ends and ‘rotating’ each end slightly. If the bill has small tears that aren’t in the center, it isn’t as big of a deal, but if the tear is too large we recommend removing it.
  • Broken Section – If a bill has a torn off corner, or broken section, we recommend removing it, although if the broken section is small enough it won’t make a difference.
  • Wrinkles – Bills which are slightly wrinkled are usually fine. This refers specifically to the bill which has a large wrinkle, more like a fold in which the bill won’t flatten out
  • Stains – Some bills will have stains or gunk on them which make the bill sticky.
  • Holes – Some old bills will have punctures or holes.
  • Tape – Remove any bills that were torn and taped back together.
  • Folded Corners – If the bill has a folded-in corner, usually it’s okay. Just make sure you unfold the corner of the bill and flatten it out.
  • Defaced/Markings – Keep a lookout for defaced bills with writing/drawings on them. You wouldn’t want your ATM customers getting something like this:

defaced sharpie twenty dollar bill andrew jackson Kiss

While the good bills are pretty easy to spot, the condition of some bills may be questionable. We recommend using a strategy in which good condition bills are placed in the front of the stack, and the bad condition bills are placed toward the back.

This is beneficial because the bills that are more likely to cause a bill-jam in the dispenser will dispense closer to when the ATM is running low on cash. If a bill jam occurs it will likely be around the time you would have been needing to reload the machine anyways.

Easily remember which bills are good by always putting Jackson’s face forward.

Once you have a stack of good bills, fan the notes so that the notes are not sticking together and wrap a rubber band around them.

Open the Vault

Use square key to unlock the lower front panel (security cover) which covers the safe’s lock.

hyosung atm key

Enter passcode (defalt 123456) to unlock. You will hear two beeps.
Prineta only sells machines with electronic locks. If you are loading a machine you didn’t buy from us you may encounter a dial lock, so this step would be different.

atm machine electronic safe lock

Open the vault door by turning the handle.

Check the reject bin

If a bill is too mutilated or wrinkled to dispense, or if a multiple pick occurs, the dispenser will send the notes to the reject bin.

The reject bin is right above the cash cassette. Some reject bins require a key to open, others you can just pull on it and it will open.

The reject bin can hold up to 200 bills so you can usually go a long time without having to empty it, but most loaders check the reject bin every time they load.

Some loaders choose to include these rejected bills with the cash they’re getting ready to load. Recycling bills from the reject bin into the cassette isn’t recommended since doing so might likely cause the same reject problem or bill jam. Since we already have a even-numbered stack of cash it’s usually easier to exclude them anyways.

unlocking opening hyosung reject binhyosung reject bin 2

Load the cash cassette

With one hand holding the cash cassette handle and the other hand supporting the cash cassette from the bottom, pull it out carefully

cash cassette removal hyosung atm machineLay on a flat surface. Use the round key to open the cash box

hyosung atm cash box 3Lift the lid

hyosung atm cash box

Inside the cash box there is a spring-loaded cash tensioner which holds the bills against the front of the cassette. Pull the cash tensioner plate back till it locks in place against the back of the cassette.

hyosung atm cash box 1Insert the stack of bills against the front of the cassette. If you used “best to worst” strategy mentioned above, make sure Jackson’s face is facing the front of the cassette, and the back of the bills are against the tensioner. Place the bills that were already in the cassette behind the new bills.

Make sure that all of the bills edges are properly lined up with each other and that no bills’ edges are sticking out more than others which would cause the edge to fold.

cash loading diagram

After inserting the cash, release the cash tensioner plate. Allow it to take position behind the notes until the cash makes contact with front of the cassette.

hyosung atm cash box 2

Close lid on cassette. Turn the cassette key counterclockwise until it is locked.

hyosung atm cash box lock


With one hand holding the cassette handle and the other hand supporting the cassette from the bottom, place the cassette carefully on the set guide rails of the dispenser and push it in until it is locked in place. insert the cash cassette in hyosung atm

Close vault door. Turn the handle making sure that it’s locked.

Close and lock the outer door (security cover).

Settlement: Update the # of Bills in the ATM’s Operator Menu.

On the keypad press Enter, Clear, Cancel, 1,2,3.  Press each of the buttons in order

Operator Function Screen will appear and you will be prompted to enter your passcode.

Select “settlement” in the top left

hyosung atm operator function

Select Add cash, 1st Cassette

hyosung atm settlement screenEnter number of bills you added, not value. 50 notes =$1000, remember we are dealing in denominations of $20.

The number you enter will be added into the number of bills that were already in the cassette before loading

For example:
There are 100 bills in the cash cassette and in the settlement menu it says Current # of Bills = 100. You wish to add 50 more bills to the same cassette, you press Add Cassette, then type 50 from the keypad and press enter. The current number of bills will now be 150.

Press enter

Select apply (lower right).

Now press the cancel key three times until the welcome screen appears.

Do an invalid PIN test transaction.

After the ATM has been loaded, we usually do a fake test transaction to make sure that the ATM is communicating properly. To do this, just use the ATM normally like you would if you were going to withdraw money. When the ATM asks you for your PIN, instead of putting in your actual PIN, just put in 1111 or any random numbers. Then go through with the transaction as normal, ask for $20, and the ATM will make a request to your bank. If the ATM tells you “invalid PIN” or something similar, that means it communicated with the network and you are in good shape. If the transaction doesn’t go through, you might need to check your connection.

That’s it!

Now you know how to load an ATM . It is a quite simple process. As mentioned above, the process might be slightly different depending on which machine you are using. For more specific instructions for the machine you are using,  you can usually find an ATM operator/user/owner’s manual PDF online for that particular machine which should have the exact instructions.

If you would like to purchase an ATM from Prineta and load it yourself, or have Prineta place one of our ATMs at your location which you can load, contact us through the form below.

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