Employee Spotlight: Danielle Clayton

If you call Prineta and want to speak with someone about buying an ATM and operating it yourself with our ATM transaction processing, you’ll likely be working with Danielle Clayton. Danielle is an ATM Purchase & Processing Manager at Prineta USA and works with clients on getting ATMs ordered, shipped, programmed, and also sets up the customers with our ATM transaction processing by getting their banking documents all squared away.

Danielle enjoys hiking in the Wyoming mountains, floating down the river, fishing, road trips, shopping and traveling. Danielle has traveled to almost all 50 states in the US! She currently lives in Wyoming where she’s lived for the past 8 years.

“I love it here in Wyoming, but miss my home state of New Jersey tremendously also”

She loves football and is a NY Giants fan. When she used to live in New Jersey she would attend the games often.

She recently found that she loves houseplants and started collecting and propagating them and has become somewhat obsessed. She currently has collected 15 houseplants and plans to get many more! Danielle enjoys cooking, reading, and she also loves organizing things and sees it as a very therapeutic activity – explains why she is so good at handling all the purchase/processing accounts simultaneously!

If you’re wanting to buy an ATM and process with Prineta USA, don’t hesitate to call Danielle at 800-951-9533 Extension 141 or email her at danielle[at]prinetausa[dot]com.  You can also find Danielle Clayton on LinkedIn!