Employee Spotlight: Chester Cayanan

This month we are highlighting our employee Chester Cayanan. Chester has been employed with Prineta since May 2020, he has a degree and a background in Computer Science (CS). He is employed primarily as a Lead Generation Specialist where he focuses on prospecting newly opened businesses he deems qualified for our Free Full-Service ATM Placement program and reaching out with service proposals. In addition to this job, he has recently acquired the role of Proactive Account Monitoring Analyst in which he checks Prineta’s entire ATM portfolio (with thousands of ATMs nationwide) for any units that may have problems, such as …

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Prineta Partners with VapeTM to Distribute Vape ATMs Nationwide

Prineta is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with VapeTM, a manufacturer of cutting-edge vape vending machine technology. Prineta will assist with distribution of these vape vending machines and help to bring Vape ATMs to interested businesses across the nation.  Vape ATMs represent a revolutionary approach to the vaping industry, offering convenience and accessibility to consumers and patrons of establishments such as bars, venues, and nightclubs. Vape ATMs offer a range of benefits for businesses, including increased foot traffic, enhanced customer satisfaction, and additional revenue streams. Vape ATMs are often accompanied side-by-side with cash-dispensing ATMs, Prineta’s main industry focus, so …

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GenMega Onyx-W Installation Instructions

General Installation Overview Physical Mounting: The GenMega Onyx-W includes a steel bracket that is designed to be bolted to a wall or a counter-top. The machine includes a bracket plate that is used for either purpose. For Wall-Mount applications, the installation kit ships with 12 expanding anchors that can be used in drywall or plywood. Review all of the install documents before planning any work and make adjustments based on the intended location and mounting material. Depending on the specific application you should also consider using some lag-screws into available wall studs or anchors if mounting directly to masonry. Be …

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Employee Spotlight: Kara Stevenson

Photo of Kara Stevenson

This month we are highlighting Kara Stevenson. If you contact Prineta and you’re wanting to have us place and fully manage an ATM at your business, there’s a good chance you’ll end up working with Kara, one of our office ATM Placement Managers. Kara has been working with Prineta USA since September 2019 after she left work as an operations specialist at a local bank in Kansas City. Outside of her career, Kara loves spending time at her family’s lakehouse at Lake of the Ozarks. She loves hanging out with her friends, family, kids, and her Border Collie dog named …

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Why Not Having an ATM In Your Business Can Lead to Bad Reviews

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is a key factor that can make or break a business. Customers expect easy access to their money, and when they can’t get it, they’re quick to voice their dissatisfaction online. One often-overlooked aspect of convenience in businesses is the presence of an ATM on-site. Not having an ATM in your establishment can not only inconvenience your customers but also result in reviews that can harm your reputation. In addition, not having an ATM can be a lost source of revenue for you.  In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why not having an …

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Employee Spotlight: Danielle Clayton

Picture of Danielle Clayton

If you call Prineta and want to speak with someone about buying an ATM and operating it yourself with our ATM transaction processing, you’ll likely be working with Danielle Clayton. Danielle is an ATM Purchase & Processing Manager at Prineta USA and works with clients on getting ATMs ordered, shipped, programmed, and also sets up the customers with our ATM transaction processing by getting their banking documents all squared away. Danielle enjoys hiking in the Wyoming mountains, floating down the river, fishing, road trips, shopping and traveling. Danielle has traveled to almost all 50 states in the US! She currently …

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How much cash can the average ATM hold?

The average retail ATM that you would see at a convenience store, gas station, or hotel would typically be stocked with a maximum of $20,000. Most ATM operators use a machine with a cash cassette with a 1000 note capacity and they typically load the ATM with $20 bills. $20 x 1000 notes = $20,000 maximum. Very busy retail ATM locations (at convenience stores, shops, etc..) may have ATMs with larger cassettes. Some retail ATMs can hold up to 8000 notes. They have four cassettes that hold up to 2000 notes each. While it would be extremely uncommon, it is …

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How to Install or Change an ATM Receipt Paper Roll

ATM Technician changing ATM receipt paper roll on a Hyosung ATM

This guide gives instructions on how to change or load receipt paper ATMs from various manufacturers How to Change ATM receipt paper for Hyosung ATMs Hyosung ATMs   How to change ATM receipt paper for GenMega machines.   Step 1: Open the top Bezel. Step 2: Place the paper onto the supplied spindle with the Coated Side Out as shown in the picture. Feed the paper out through the back, where it will curl back under the tension bar. Step 3: Prepare the new paper roll. 1. Make sure the roll is in its proper roll form. (A deformed roll may cause jamming problems.) 2. When …

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How To Secure an ATM to a Wooden Floor?

Getting ready to install your new ATM and you’re completely stumped staring at the wooden floor in front of you? Don’t worry because you’re not alone! Wooden floor installs aren’t as common as ATMs being installed into concrete so it’s hard to find clear instructions on what to do in this situation. The standard wedge anchor bolts that are used for most installs in concrete flooring will not work with wood floors (unless there’s concrete under the wood of course). Instead, you’ll need to look into getting some “LAG SCREWS” aka “Lag Bolts”. Specifically we recommend getting the ones that …

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Employee Spotlight: Kristen Heil

This month we are highlighting Kristen Heil. Kristen is an ATM Placement Manager. If you contact Prineta and you’re looking to have us place an ATM at your location and fully-service it, then there’s a good chance you would be corresponding with Kristen. Kristen has a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri. She’s an outdoors enthusiast who loves getting out in nature. Some of her hobbies include: hiking with her dog, kayaking, swimming, and generally just spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors. She is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and she enjoys …

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