What Is the Average ATM Surcharge Fee?

Here at Prineta we get asked this question quite a lot, so we figured it was about time we did a post about it. We are an ATM company offering nationwide ATM services such as ATM placement, ATM sales, ATM cash loading and more, so we have seen the highs and lows of ATM surcharge ranges across the country. There are a lot of different figures being thrown around, and people often find it confusing understanding ATM surcharge fees.

When you use an ATM at a gas station or hotel, for example, you should understand that these ATMs are usually owned by independent ATM operators such as Prineta. The ATM operator will charge a certain surcharge fee for this service.  The national average for the ATM owner’s surcharge is $2.88, all of this money goes to the business operations of the independent ATM operator. When you use an independently-owned ATM, your bank will typically charge you an “out of network ATM fee” since you’re not using an ATM in your financial institution’s network. The average out-of-network fee from the bank is now $1.64.

Currently, as of October 2015, the national average ATM surcharge fee, including both the ATM owner’s fee and the bank’s out-of-network fee is $4.52.

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The National ATM Council NAC2015 Conference in Las Vegas

Prineta recently attended the National ATM Council (NAC) 2015 Conference & Expo. The event took place from September 15-17, at Tropicana in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conferences such as the NAC2015 allow us to conveniently meet with many of our established market partners from various cities in the US. Prineta is a nationwide ATM services company and thus it is important for us to meet and partner with other leading independent ATM operators from across the nation. Forming new partnerships and continually building our network to expand our service area and reach more places is an essential part of our business strategy. …

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How to upgrade your ATM to support EMV?

If you are the owner of an ATM you might have heard people talking about the upcoming “liability shift” set to take place in October 2016. If you haven’t heard about it, basically,  the credit card companies don’t want to be held liable for fraudulent ATM transactions (such as card-skimming) so soon the ATM operator will be held liable for the fraud instead. The ATM operator will only be held liable  though if the ATM isn’t capable of reading the new credit cards with the small chips embedded in them (EMV cards or ‘smart cards’).  If you own and operate an ATM that is not equipped with an EMV-capable card reader you should be concerned, if anything fraudulent happens at your ATM, you or your company will be personally held responsible.

Liability for fraudulent ATM transactions on non-EMV-capable ATMs will shift to ATM operators in October 2016. If you have an EMV-capable card reader you have nothing to worry about.. but what if you don’t? or what if you’re not sure?

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Instale un cajero automático (ATM) en su negocio.

Prineta empresa nacional de servicios de ATM Si usted desea instalar un cajero automático (ATM) en su empresa, usted ha encontrado la empresa adecuada. Prineta es una empresa de servicio completo que instala y gestiona cajeros automáticos. Ofrecemos servicios y ventas por todo los E.E.U.U., incluso Puerto Rico. A continuación puede leer sobre nuestras opciones de servicios de cajeros automáticos ( ATMs) Si encuentra una opción que le convenga, por favor complete el formulario de contacto en la parte inferior de la página y uno de  nuestros representantes lo contactará en español y le explicara cómo puede empezar. Servicios de …

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ATM Installation Guide: How to Install an ATM Machine

This guide covers the procedure for the physical installation of most types of retail standalone ATM machines. This installation guide is intended for use by merchants who have purchased an ATM from Prineta and would like to do the installation themselves. Tools/Equipment Required Heavy-duty electric drill (rotary hammer drill) 1/2” (13mm) diameter carbide-tipped masonry drill bit Four 1/2” x 4 1/2” (or optionally 1/2″ x 5″ or 1/2 x 7″) wedge anchor bolts Four 1/2” nuts Four 1/2” flat washers 3/4” Wrench (Recommended: Box End Ratcheting Wrench) Dolly (hand truck) Hammer Sharpie or felt-tip marker Flashlight Eye protection Broom (or …

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How to Get an ATM Machine Installed in Your Business

So you are thinking you would like to get an ATM machine installed in your business but you don’t know how to go about it?  Want to know what options are available and how to hire an ATM company?  If that is the type of information you are looking for, then you have definitely come to the right place. This page is dedicated to helping businesses get an ATM machine installed in their location and includes a step-by-step instructional intended for a business owner who do not know anything about getting an ATM.  We break things down and keep things …

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The 2015 ATMIA Conference in Las Vegas

An interview with Tanner Morton about his trip to the 2015 ATMIA conference this year in Las Vegas. The ATMIA (ATM Industry Associacion) has an annual US conference and expo which is the largest ATM-related event in the world. Prineta is a proud ATMIA member and conference participant. This year the event took place at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. How was the conference? It was great. I arrived at 8:30 in the morning and intended on stopping at every single booth in the place, but by about noon I had only visited maybe a tenth of them. Visiting all the booths took a …

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