How to upgrade your ATM to support EMV?

If you are the owner of an ATM you might have heard people talking about the upcoming “liability shift” set to take place in October 2016. If you haven’t heard about it, basically,  the credit card companies don’t want to be held liable for fraudulent ATM transactions (such as card-skimming) so soon the ATM operator will be held liable for the fraud instead. The ATM operator will only be held liable  though if the ATM isn’t capable of reading the new credit cards with the small chips embedded in them (EMV cards or ‘smart cards’).  If you own and operate an ATM that is not equipped with an EMV-capable card reader you should be concerned, if anything fraudulent happens at your ATM, you or your company will be personally held responsible.

Liability for fraudulent ATM transactions on non-EMV-capable ATMs will shift to ATM operators in October 2016. If you have an EMV-capable card reader you have nothing to worry about.. but what if you don’t? or what if you’re not sure?

Does my ATM have an EMV card reader?

If you’re not sure whether or not your ATM is equipped with an EMV card reader there are a few different ways to find out. One way would be to contact the manufacturer of the ATM. Another way would be to contact the company who sold you the ATM. If neither of these are an option you might need to have an ATM technician come take a look at your machine.


EMV Card Reader Upgrade

If you have an ATM that isn’t EMV compliant you’ll need to upgrade your machine’s card reader. Most ATMs out there have EMV card reader upgrade kits available online. These usually cost around $200-$300. The kit includes the EMV card reader, a mounting bracket, a card reader bezel, some cables and reset board.  Although the kits come with instructions, installing them can sometimes be tricky. If you are skilled with machines and computers there’s a good chance you’ll be able to upgrade the card reader yourself, but if not you might want to hire a professional ATM technician to do the job.

Here are a few videos showing the EMV upgrade process:

How to do an EMV card reader upgrade GenMega 1900.


How to do an EMV Cardreader upgrade on Genmega and Hantle ATMs


How to do an EMV upgade on a Tranax / Hyosung Minibank 1500


Get a New EMV-Compliant ATM

If you have a very old ATM you might be out of luck. Some very old ATMs do not have EMV upgrade kits available. In this case you should consider replacing the machine entirely. If you are considering replacing your ATM give us a call!  Prineta has some of the most competitive pricing for new EMV-compliant ATMs on the market. We can sell you a new ATM outright and you make 100% of the surcharge revenue.

If you have a busy enough location we’ll place one of our new EMV-compatible ATMs for you for free, handle everything, and pay you a commission on the transactions.

We have a few different programs available. We’d be happy to talk to you and try to find a solution for you.



Get your machine upgraded to EMV for free.

If you have busy, high-traffic location, consider switching your ATM services  to Prineta and we’ll upgrade your ATM for free! We would be happy to be your ATM services provider.

Throughout our history Prineta has only sold EMV-compliant ATMs to our customers. Unfortunately there are many ATM companies out there that will offer a lower price machine for sale to unsuspecting customers without informing the customer of the upcoming liability shift changes. If you purchased an ATM from another ATM company who didn’t inform you at the time of purchase about the EMV liability shift then they did you a disservice.  The changes have been common knowledge for many years.


If you have a high-traffic location and you would like to consider using Prineta for your ATM services please fill out the contact form below and tell us about your situation.