Get an ATM Installed in Your Business

We have a few different options available to help you get an ATM installed in your business.

If you want to get an ATM installed in your business or you have received an offer from Prineta to place one then you have come to the right place. Getting an ATM is a relatively simple process, but many people don’t fully understand the ATM service options available. This page explains and compares the ATM service programs we have available. We’re happy you’re here and considering Prineta for your ATM services.

Each ATM program or option essentially just depends on a different combination of the three following components:

Component 1: Who Buys/Owns the ATM

Who provides the initial investment and purchases the ATM.

Component 2: Who Loads the Cash

Who continuously supplies and replenishes the cash for the ATM

Component 3. How the Profits are Distributed

How much of the profits from the surcharge revenue are distributed to the business owner and Prineta

Here is a summary of the service programs we offer:

Full-Service ATM Placement
We buy the ATM; We load the cash; We keep most of the profits.
If you have a high-traffic location we will place an ATM for free and manage everything (including the cash loading), and still cut you in on the profits! We will essentially buy the ATM, install it, program it, load it with cash, and do all the required management, maintenance, transaction processing. All at no cost to you.  Full-service ATM placement is a completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment, making it the most popular program available.

Merchant-Loaded ATM Partnership
We buy the ATM; You load the cash; Profits are split 50/50.
If you would like to earn more money from the ATM and are willing to load the ATM with cash when it needs it but don’t want to pay the cost to buy an ATM or deal with maintenance, then the ATM Partnership model may be the best option.  With this model, Prineta will buy and manage/service the ATM then split the surcharge revenue with you.  A 50/50 split is common. Because there is typically no upfront financial commitment other than the cash necessary to load in the machine, this is often a popular option for new businesses/locations. Sometimes Prineta will actually allow you to start with this option then if you want to buy the ATM later, you can.

Merchant Own & Load ATM Purchase
You buy the ATM; You load the cash; You keep 100% of the profits.
If you want to make 100% of the surcharge revenue from the ATM, or your location is not busy enough to qualify for a free ATM placement or partnership, then your only choice would be the ATM purchase program.  This is one is pretty straightforward; you purchase a new ATM from Prineta, or if you want to find and buy a used one on your own you can do that,  and you manage everything yourself, including the cash loading and maintenance.  If you own the ATM, supply the cash, and do all the management then you get 100% of the surcharge. Buying and setting up an ATM on your own can be a difficult and confusing process. Prineta will help you through the process by helping you choose the right ATM for you, including advice on which features are most suitable for your needs such as the type of lock, type of cash dispenser, type of network connection etc… We will help with shipping the ATM, having the ATM installed, having the ATM programmed and also handling the processing for you. If you ever have any questions about your ATM you will always have someone to call. New ATMs are in the $2000 range plus or minus depending on the model and features included. Used ATMs (that are still compliant), are less expensive but not always easy to find and may not be reliable for a first time ATM operator.

Cash Loading Services aka Prineta-Loaded ATM Partnership
You buy the ATM; We load the cash; Profits are split 50/50.
There is also another option available which is essentially the opposite of the ATM partnership. While this is also a partnership, and could be considered a fourth ATM program, we like to consider it a service, since typically the merchants who use this option already own and operate their ATM(s) and look for vault cash loading services only. Either way, it is still an option for you, even if you don’t already own an ATM. We can sell you a brand new ATM (or not if you already have one or would like to buy one used), then we refill the cash and do the processing. For a detailed breakdown of the different features and services included with each option, view the comparison chart below.


Prineta ATM Service Programs Comparison Chart


ATM Placement

ATM Partnership

ATM Purchase

Cash Loading Services

Who loads the cash?PrinetaBusinessBusinessPrineta
Who buys/owns the ATM?PrinetaPrinetaBusinessBusiness
Who handles/pays for repairs & maintenance?PrinetaPrinetaBusinessBusiness
Who handles transaction processing?PrinetaPrinetaPrinetaPrineta
Who pays for (or handles) ATM installation and programming?PrinetaPrinetaBusinessBusiness
Who handles 1st-line maintenance? (basic fixes, bill jam, machine reset etc…)PrinetaBusinessBusinessBusiness
Who handles (or pays for) 2nd line maintenance? (replacing parts, mechanical/electronic repairs, etc…)PrinetaPrinetaBusinessBusiness
Who provides ATM supplies such as receipt paper and signage?PrinetaPrinetaBusinessBusiness
Who pays for the electricity to power the ATM?BusinessBusinessBusinessBusiness
Can the business view online reports and low-cash notifications? (more info)YesYes YesYes
How much of the surcharge revenue does the business owner get paid per transaction?$0.50 to $1.00 (depending on transaction volume)50%100%50%
How much of the surcharge does Prineta get per transaction? 100% minus $0.50 to $1.0050%0%50%
For qualified locations only? (Examples of qualified locations.)yesyesnoyes
Where are these services available?NationwideNationwideNationwideNationwide
Where can I read more about this program?


What if I want to change my ATM service program later on?

One of the things that separates Prineta from other ATM companies is the fact that we’re flexible with our ATM services. With many other ATM companies, once you decide on an ATM program, you’re locked in. We understand that things change and every situation is different so we do our best If after some time you’re not completely satisfied with the ATM services program you’ve initially chosen we will try our best to readjust your ATM services program to something that will better suit your needs.  Prineta can usually make the necessary arrangements to set you up with a new ATM program that works for you, especially if you tell us ahead of time you’re considering a change. If you’re thinking you would like to eventually switch programs be sure to make that clear to us when we’re setting up your ATM services the first time. This will make things easier down the line.

With any ATM program switch there are essentially two scenarios:

You might want less responsibility or ownership in exchange for less of the profits.

You might want more responsibility or ownership in exchange for more of the profits. chart showing switch from different ATM machine service programs available

Full-Switch, One-Step, or Two-Step Switches

Full, One-Step Switch: In some cases you can take the ‘fast track’ and switch directly from Prineta Full-Service to Merchant Own & Load, or vice-versa. (the diagonal arrows on the chart)

Full Two-Step Switch: However, if you’re wanting a full-switch we usually have the merchant test the waters with a two-step process in which we switch to an ATM Partnership model first. (combination of a vertical and horizontal line on the chart)

Partial One-Step Switch: Regardless which ATM service program you started with, if you only want to take one-step in any direction, we can do that also. (a single vertical or horizontal line on the chart)

You might want more responsibility or ownership in exchange for more of the profits.

Full Service ATM Placement –> Merchant-Loaded ATM Partnership
You have some extra time (and money) on your hands and saw Prineta’s cash loader refilling the ATM and thought “that looks a lot easier than i thought.” If you decide at any point you would like to make some extra money and load the ATM yourself, we can usually make arrangements and have you fill the cash instead of our designated loader.

Merchant-Loaded ATM Partnership –> Merchant Own & Load ATM Purchase
Prineta placed one of our ATMs, you’ve been load the cash for a while and now you think maybe you’d like the just go ahead and own the ATM outright. For certain locations it’s possible. 

Full-Service ATM Placement –> Prineta-Loaded ATM Partnership
Prineta’s taking care of everything now, but you’d like to own the ATM eventually sometime down the road? We can sell the ATM to you outright or we can make a deal where Prineta makes 100% of the surcharge revenue until the ATM is paid off, then you own it.

Prineta-Loaded ATM Partnership –> Merchant Own & Load ATM Purchase
Prineta’s loading the cash in your ATM and you decided you’d like to take over the cash-loading and make 100% of the revenue. No problem! If you already own the ATM it’s a simple process. 

You want less responsibility or ownership in exchange for less of the profits.

Merchant Own & Load ATM Purchase –> Prineta-Loaded ATM Partnership
For qualified Locations only. You thought you wanted to own and operate your ATM by yourself but then you realized you’d rather just have someone else load the cash. If you’re already processing with Prineta we’ll have a look at at the transaction reports and If your ATM is busy enough (doing enough transactions per month) we’ll take over the cash loading for you.

Prineta-Loaded ATM Partnership –> Full-Service ATM Placement.
If Prineta loads your machine already and you’re considering this option then you probably either; 1) no longer want the responsibility of machine maintenance or 2) have an old machine you didn’t buy from Prineta and want it replaced. If Prineta is currently loading the cash for you there’s a good chance we can also replace your ATM with a new one in exchange for a bigger chunk of the surcharge. 

Merchant Own & Load ATM Purchase –> Merchant-Loaded ATM Partnership
For qualified locations only. If you’re considering this option the most likely scenario is that you already own and operate an ATM which you didn’t buy from Prineta, It’s most likely an old junky ATM with a lot of problems and you’re looking to replace it with a newer one. Show Prineta some of your transaction reports and if we like your location we will send you a brand new ATM for you at no cost.

Merchant-Loaded ATM Partnership –> Full-Service ATM Placement
You just didn’t have enough cash to keep up with the cash demand for your high-traffic ATM location.  Or maybe you’re just too busy and decided it’s easier to have Prineta do it. Either way, depending on the city you live in we can usually arrange to have one of our ATM cash loaders take over within a few days