Online ATM Transaction Reporting


If you choose Prineta as your ATM service provider you can watch the money stack up with our online ATM transaction reporting technology.

Prineta ATM web reports allow you to conveniently access all of the information about your ATM(s) anytime and anywhere from your computer or mobile device. With our online reporting system you can easily view the transaction volume of your ATM(s), status of transactions, number of transactions, real-time transactions, the current status of the ATM terminal, cash settlement, and much more! With web reporting you’ll always have access to a variety of different daily and monthly statistics.  You can print monthly reports, or give access to any terminal to another party (like store manager, or bookkeeper). Ensure maximum uptime of your ATM by receiving instant notifications anytime the ATM begins to run low on cash or has any type of error such as a bill-jam. Online reporting access for our customers is just another way Prineta separates itself from our competitors.

This service is provided free of charge for our processing customers. If you would like to sign up to see the online reports for your Prineta ATM(s) please contact us.