Establishments We Service

Below is a list of different types of locations where we typically install ATMs. Any high-traffic location in which a large number of people walk near the machine will make for a good location. The general rule of thumb is 4% of the people who walk by an ATM location will use it. In addition, locations that accept cash-only or are open 24-hours a day are potentially good location for an ATM. Keep in mind that this list is just a general guideline. If you have location that needs an ATM that is not on this list, please just contact us and tell us more about it and we’ll give you our honest opinion.


Qualified Locations
These are locations that are typically “high-traffic” enough that they would likely qualify for a free ATM placement
(*these locations would also qualify for our ATM partnership or ATM purchase programs)

  • hotels (with more than 100 rooms, central lobby and interior corridors)
  • stadiums, arenas
  • sports facilities, sports complexes
  • convention centers
  • bars, sports bars, pubs, taverns, taprooms
  • nightclubs, lounges
  • variety stores (dollar stores, department stores, discount stores, etc…)
  • retail stores
  • gentlemen’s clubs, strip clubs, topless bars, cabarets
  • casinos, gambling establishments, gambling clubs, gaming houses
  • gas stations (filling stations), truck stops, truck plazas
  • convenience stores (c-stores, corner stores)
  • laundromats, dry cleaners
  • liquor stores
  • bowling alleys
  • amusement parks, theme parks
  • financial institutions (FIs) (banks, credit unions)
  • non-bank financial institutions (NBFI) (pawn shops, cash checking locations)
  • high-rise condominiums
  • motels (a hotel with exterior access to rooms, must have 200+ rooms, or a busy central lobby area)
  • large resorts and lodges.
  • golf and country clubs
  • grocery stores, supermarkets
  • hair salons, nail salons, beauty parlors, barber shops
  • massage parlors
  • airports
  • event facilities
  • DMVs (Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • city halls / town halls
  • university dorms, college campuses
  • race tracks, speedways
  • shopping malls
  • major hospitals
  • movie theaters
  • VFW halls
  • tourist attractions, tourist areas
  • pool halls, billiard halls
  • zoos, aquariums
  • fraternal organizations
  • massage parlors
  • busy restaurants, fast food restaurants
  • any type of cash-only business
  • any type of 24-hour establishment
  • any location with regular heavy foot traffic

Other Locations
These are some locations that would most likely partner or purchase an ATM since they typically have lower transaction volume.
(*These locations that are regularly very busy, open 24-hours,  or cash-only might still qualify for free ATM placement.)

  • auction houses
  • bagel shops
  • campgrounds
  • coffee shops
  • donut shops
  • non-profit organizations
  • pizza parlors
  • RV resort parks
  • news stands/stores
  • farmers markets, vegetable markets, fruit markets
  • flea markets
  • magazine stands/stores
  • auto emissions testing
  • auto oil change
  • auto state inspections
  • auto parts stores
  • department stores
  • video stores
  • wrecker company (impound yards)
  • churches
  • rental stores
  • medical offices / medical clinics
  • arcades
  • bingo halls
  • cafeterias
  • car washes
  • diners
  • video gaming
  • hospitals
  • sandwich shops
  • skating rinks
  • ticket sales booths
  • fairs
  • pizza parlors
  • smoke shop, vape shops, tobacco shops