How To Secure an ATM to a Wooden Floor?

Getting ready to install your new ATM and you’re completely stumped staring at the wooden floor in front of you? Don’t worry because you’re not alone! Wooden floor installs aren’t as common as ATMs being installed into concrete so it’s hard to find clear instructions on what to do in this situation. The standard wedge anchor bolts that are used for most installs in concrete flooring will not work with wood floors (unless there’s concrete under the wood of course).

Instead, you’ll need to look into getting some “LAG SCREWS” aka “Lag Bolts”. Specifically we recommend getting the ones that are at least 1/2″ diameter thickness. The thicker 5/8″ or even 3/4″ diameter bolts are preferable as they will make it more secure but this might depend on the size of the holes in the bottom of your ATM if they will fit through or not.

The length of the screw you get will depend on the floor you’re drilling into. Some floors only have a very thin piece of wood so having an overly long bolt isn’t helpful. Some floors have a lot of wood that can be anchored into so the longer bolt helps make it more secure.

An alternative, more secure option, is to use bolts with nuts (and washers). If you have access to the floor beneath the ATM you can drill holes through the flooring and run the bolt directly through the floor and then tighten the bolt in the floor underneath.

If the wood floor drops through on the underside you can also use heavy duty “Toggle Bolts” aka “Butterfly Anchors” – these are bolts which can be dropped through the floor and have a nut that automatically opens when it passes through the wood. We recommend getting the 3/8″ diameter x 4″ long bolts.