GenMega Onyx-W Installation Instructions

General Installation Overview Physical Mounting: The GenMega Onyx-W includes a steel bracket that is designed to be bolted to a wall or a counter-top. The machine includes a bracket plate that is used for either purpose. For Wall-Mount applications, the installation kit ships with 12 expanding anchors that can be used in drywall or plywood. Review all of the install documents before planning any work and make adjustments based on the intended location and mounting material. Depending on the specific application you should also consider using some lag-screws into available wall studs or anchors if mounting directly to masonry. Be …

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How much cash can the average ATM hold?

The average retail ATM that you would see at a convenience store, gas station, or hotel would typically be stocked with a maximum of $20,000. Most ATM operators use a machine with a cash cassette with a 1000 note capacity and they typically load the ATM with $20 bills. $20 x 1000 notes = $20,000 maximum. Very busy retail ATM locations (at convenience stores, shops, etc..) may have ATMs with larger cassettes. Some retail ATMs can hold up to 8000 notes. They have four cassettes that hold up to 2000 notes each. While it would be extremely uncommon, it is …

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How to Install or Change an ATM Receipt Paper Roll

ATM Technician changing ATM receipt paper roll on a Hyosung ATM

This guide gives instructions on how to change or load receipt paper ATMs from various manufacturers How to Change ATM receipt paper for Hyosung ATMs Hyosung ATMs   How to change ATM receipt paper for GenMega machines.   Step 1: Open the top Bezel. Step 2: Place the paper onto the supplied spindle with the Coated Side Out as shown in the picture. Feed the paper out through the back, where it will curl back under the tension bar. Step 3: Prepare the new paper roll. 1. Make sure the roll is in its proper roll form. (A deformed roll may cause jamming problems.) 2. When …

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How To Secure an ATM to a Wooden Floor?

Getting ready to install your new ATM and you’re completely stumped staring at the wooden floor in front of you? Don’t worry because you’re not alone! Wooden floor installs aren’t as common as ATMs being installed into concrete so it’s hard to find clear instructions on what to do in this situation. The standard wedge anchor bolts that are used for most installs in concrete flooring will not work with wood floors (unless there’s concrete under the wood of course). Instead, you’ll need to look into getting some “LAG SCREWS” aka “Lag Bolts”. Specifically we recommend getting the ones that …

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Banks to Avoid for ATM Operator Accounts

Due to Operation Choke Point some banks will not knowingly work with independent ATM operators and if you process your ATM transactions through an account with them, it will inevitably be shut down. Banks to avoid: Chase Wells Fargo Bank of America Prosperity Bank US Bank BBVA Compass Capital One Banks to look for: Small community banks / local banks Regional banks State-chartered banks Credit unions We recommend setting up an account with 2-3 different banks so you always have a backup bank if needed in case the primary account is shut down. The best way to build a relationship …

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How much space is required for an ATM machine?

Most standalone retail ATMs take up about 2 square feet of floor space (the “footprint”) and are around 4 ½ feet tall. Below are the dimensions for our two most used and popular ATM models.   GenMega 2500 Dimensions: Height: 56.3” (4 feet, 8.3 inches) Width: 15.8” (1 foot, 3.8 inches) Depth: 22.3” (1 foot, 10.3 inches) GenMega Onyx Dimensions: Height: 56.3” (4 feet, 8.3 inches) Width: 15.8” (1 foot, 3.8 inches) Depth: 22.3” (1 foot, 10.3 inches) Hyosung 2700 Dimensions: Height: 52.3″ (4 feet, 4.3 inches) Width: 15.7″ (1 foot, 3.7 inches) Depth: 18.4″ (1 foot, 6.4 inches) Hyosung Halo II Dimensions: …

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Receiving and Unboxing an ATM Delivery

ATM Delivery - 3 ATM Machine Packages Hyosung

This post is written for those who have purchased an ATM from Prineta, or who are receiving an ATM from Prineta for an ATM Placement so you will know what to expect when your new ATM arrives. Be Prepared for Arrival Before the ATM arrives you will receive an email from Prineta with the shipping/tracking information and estimated arrival date for the delivery. Please inform your staff about the ATM delivery so that they can sign for and be expecting the package ensuring there is no problem with the delivery. We have encountered situations where the employees didn’t sign for …

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How to Load Cash in an ATM Machine

This guide is intended for individuals who will be utilizing one of the ATM services programs which requires the site owner / merchant to load the machine. This includes: ATM Purchase Program (Buy an ATM from Prineta, load it yourself, you keep 100% of the profits) ATM Partnership Program (Prineta places an ATM at your location, you load it, we split the profits 50/50) Loading is a lot simpler than this lengthy guide makes it sound. Usually to load a machine it only takes 5 minutes. Get bills, put them in the machine, update the number of bills in the ATMs computer, …

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