November 13, 2013 G Jason Schnellbacher

First Data ISO Program – Be the 800lb Gorilla and Win More Deals

Start Selling First Data

If you are a veteran ISO or Agent in the merchant services industry and tired of losing to First Data, then why not just join the First Data team?  You know the saying, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”?  Well when it comes to bankcard sales, it couldn’t be more true.

If you are interested in the First Data ISO or Agent program, it can be difficult to get connected to the right place to even inquire; it’s a huge corporation and there isn’t even any contact information on the partnership page.  We understand and that’s why we wrote this post – to help you get the First Data deal you are looking for.


Be able to set up accounts and bridge to all front end platforms North(Cardnet), South(Nabanco), Nashville(Envoy), Omaha and BuyPass(Concord/Atlanta).

Are you an ISO or an Agent?

If you are not ready to make a big minimum application volume commitment and invest $30K to “register” then you would be considered an “Independent Sales Agent”.

For ISOs, there are options for both Retail and Wholesale programs depending on which party takes on the risk and underwriting responsibilities.

It’s good to be on the winning team!

First Data ISOs and Agents can benefit from the global economies of scale associated with being the largest merchant acquirer in the world supporting 6 million merchant locations in 34 countries.  First Data is like the Walmart of the credit card processing industry.



March 2013, Issue 1013

First Data Independent Sales Agents Enjoy

  • Great Buy Rates and True Splits

  • Next Day Funding for Retail & Restaurants

  • Sell to All Vertical Markets

  • Cash Out Options at Good Multiples

We can help you start selling First Data

New and Improved ISO Program; Larger Splits with better Overall Pricing


Only available to experienced bankcard agents.

  • Most competitive Wholesales Pricing In The Industry

  • True Interchange Revenue Split – All Interchange levels

  • We share revenue on ALL revenue streams

  • 70/30 Split (No application minimum required)

  • 0.035cents – (IP Transactions)

  • 0.045cents – (Dial Transactions)

  • $6.75 Statement Fee

  • No Exclusivity – we will earn your business day in and day out
  • No Unnecessary Fees Required: (pure profit opportunities since costs are $0.00)
    • No Monthly Minimums – $0.00
    • No Annual Fee – $0.00
    • No Set-Up Fee – $0.00
    • No Application Fee – $0.00
    • No Debit Access Fee – $0.00
    • No Batch Fee – $0.00
    • No Return Fee – $0.00
    • No Termination Fee – $0.00
  • Access To AMEX one point Program (25 Basis Points Revenue Share)
  • Next Day Funding Program
  • Underwriting With Same Day Approvals (Most Accounts Auto Approved within an Hour)
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Technical Support (24 x 7)
  • Residual Payments Paid Accurately with Full Transparency Through Online Sales Portal
  • Nice Merchant Welcome Kits
  • Excellent Agent Support Team that will Do Anything They Can to Help You Close Deals


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