Fayetteville, NC ATM Company

Get an ATM in Fayetteville If you have a busy retail or hospitality location that needs an ATM, then you have come to the right place. We can help you. We are an ATM Company operating nationwide with a strong presence in the Fayetteville North Carolina area. We have a great local partner that takes care of the ATMs for our clients that is local. Service available across all of North Carolina and South Carolina ATM, including  Cumberland County. We service all location types that have a need for cash. Convenience stores, hotels, and cash-only establishments. Fill out the form below …

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Alternative Solution for ACH Return Problems

Can’t keep your ACH return ratios within thresholds? Try an alternative solution.  Got a problem with ACH returns? Try something else. Try an alternative that allows higher return rates. Read this page to learn more about it and use the contact form to get in contact with us if you are interested in this solution. An ACH processing account is essential for many different types of businesses. The ability to ACH debit a customer’s account to collect a payment due is essential for the operation of many businesses. But some business types, due to the demographic of their customers, have …

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POB Cashless ATM Machine

The “Cashless ATM” has been around the payments and banking industry for 20+ years but has become more popular in recent years with merchants that do not want to pay the high processing fees associated with a merchant account or simply cannot get traditional credit and debit card processing. Perfect for the business that prefers to operate in cash, the POB (Point of Banking) debit solution is ideal for retail merchants that want to accept cards but not pay processing fees. If you are looking to maybe get a cashless ATM or find a cashless ATM machine for sale, we …

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Case Study: WooCommerce site switches payment plugin from PayPal to a “real merchant account” and saves big

Welcome to the first in a series of client case studies where we will share stories about how we have helped our clients with payment needs. Summary: Wedding Sparklers USA switches from PayPal to First Data merchant account; goes from 2.4% net effective rate to a 2.2% net effective rate, saving 20 bp (basis points) totaling a very nice savings monthly and per annum based on average ticket of $47. Story: Interview with Brian Kelly, Owner of Wedding Sparklers USA, an e-commerce business based in Kansas City, MO, that specializes in selling sparklers online with WooCommerce. Says he was very …

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Texas Triangle ATM Services: Placement, Install, Load, & Repair

Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, College Station

Updated 12/28/2017 – If you are looking to get a new ATM installed or need ATM repair service within the Central TX area known as the Texas Triangle, then you have come to the right place.  Prineta is a full service ATM company serving the Central TX megaregion known as the Texas Triangle that includes Dallas and Fort Worth to San Antonio and Austin, and Houston (the triangle formed by I-35, I-45, and I-10).  We actually serve most of the entire state, with another territory/region in Coastal South Texas that includes Corpus Christi and Padre. Texas is a large and important market for Prineta. We have local technicians and cash loaders strategically located to serve clients in the major population centers and tourist areas of Texas. Our technicans are bilingual – habla espanol. We offer full ATM placement, an ATM partnership model where the location loads the cash, and ATM processing. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to request additional information about our services or to request an ATM installation.

Complete el formulario en la parte inferior de la página para solicitar el servicio de cajero automático en español. Tendremos a alguien que te devuelva la llamada en español.

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Need help getting approved for a high risk ACH processing account?

We help high risk merchants with ACH processing.

We are full service payment consultants and brokers of ACH processing accounts. We specialize in the higher risk merchant types, and especially business lenders (we have more business lender clients than any other types). We have relationships with several of the most trusted processors to high risk merchant types and can help you get approved for one or more accounts. We know which processors will accept certain merchant types based on underwriting criteria and which ones won’t accept – so when you work with us, you don’t have to waste as much time getting declined at a bunch of places. Don’t waste time floundering – get  an advocate on your side that will help make the process of getting new ACH processing accounts easier than it would have been otherwise. We are like the “easy button” for high risk ACH debit and credit payments.

To make the process easy, we start with the “pre-app” and your last three to six months of processing and bank statements. With this in hand, we contact our processing partners (typically the President or VP level) to have them do a preliminary review. They will look at chargeback rates and volumes and look at your website – and if all looks good, then one or more will invite you to apply. Each processor has their own application but all will require the same supporting documentation (more on that below).

For high risk processing, the pricing proposal is always after the full application is accepted by underwriting as complete. Underwriting typically takes a couple days once all the required documents are all submitted together in one package (like a .zip file).

Then if accepted, each processor will present the pricing (think of this like a proposal) and our clients can choose the offers they like best.

We typically always recommend having at least two ACH processing accounts – that way, “just in case” anything were to happen with one account, you already have another account.

With ACH processing, the designation of “High Risk” can be a result of your business type but also because you have a large average transaction amount (typically >$1500).  If a payments processor professional has told you that your business type is high risk, then it probably is.  Regardless of why your business is considered high risk, it is possible to get an account – and while we cannot help all clients, we do have a pretty good success rate for clients that can submit a “full application package”.  We work with a diverse client base but do a lot of work with legal and licensed short term consumer lenders with brick and mortar stores that follow state usury laws and help business lender merchant cash advance business funding clients.

If you are tired of getting declined and want a friend in the processing business, then contact us. Our goals are perfectly aligned with yours – we don’t get paid if we don’t help our clients get approved and start processing.  There are no costs to apply or work with Prineta. We are independent agents with nearly a dozen ACH processors so we set up accounts directly with each processor and earn a small commission on the backend for bringing them the account. So its really a no cost, no risk proposition for clients of Prineta.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us about ACH processing. Include your website URL and we will email you back.

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Need ATM Services in Western Missouri?

Columbia, Lake of the Ozarks (Osage Beach), Springfield, Branson, Joplin, Warrensburg, Sedalia, Jefferson City

Prineta is a full service ATM company serving Central and Western Missouri offering free ATM placement programs for qualified locations looking to get an ATM and great deals for clients looking to buy a new ATM or find a used ATM for sale. Whether it is one location or dozens of locations, we are experienced and large enough to take care of all your ATM needs; sales and vendor service, professional installation, wireless connectivity, transaction processing, equipment maintenance and repair, cash management and replenishment, and everything needed for having an ATM at your location.


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Prineta Expands ATM Services to Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA

Local ATM Technician Available

If you are looking for a full service ATM company in Omaha or Lincoln, NE or Council Bluffs Iowa, you have come to the right place. At Prineta, we would like to be your ATM services company. We are an established ATM company from Kansas City and now service the extended Omaha region with a local technician.

We do free ATM placement for qualified locations (hotels, c-stores, casinos, convention centers, and other high traffic locations where there is a need for cash).  With our placement program, you can get an ATM installed quickly and we will manage everything including the cash loading and share some of the surcharge revenue with you (the amount depends on the number of transactions).  Our technician has gone through extensive ATM installation, maintenance and repair training so you can be assured your ATM will always be working.  We sell ATMs, both new and used, for clients looking to buy an ATM for sale.  And we also do ATM processing for clients that own their own ATM.

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ATM Processing with Dynamic Foreign Currency Conversion Exchange

Be International Traveler Friendly


If your location is frequented by international travelers, then your ATM really should support Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).  This feature enables foreign cardholders to process ATM transactions in their home country’s currency, thereby allowing them to see transaction amounts in a currency they know and understand.

So for example, when a person from the Europe is visiting the United States, they can see exactly what the transaction will cost them in €Euros rather than $Dollars.  This way, international travelers do not have to guess the exchange rate or attempt to figure out the math while standing at the ATM. It creates a crystal clear picture of the transaction in a recognized currency, so there are no surprises later on.


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