We want to be your ATM service company

Nationwide ATM Services

Have a location that needs an ATM?  We can help.  Prineta USA is a full service ATM company with four types of programs available.

  1. We offer free ATM placement and management for qualified high volume locations like casinos, convention centers, convenience stores and hotels. We are fully insured and regularly respond to national ATM service RFPs.  Marquee references available upon request.
  2. We offer armored carrier cashing loading services nationwide for qualified locations.
  3. We sell and lease new ATMs with processing to merchants interested in owning and loading their own ATM.  We mostly sell GenMega 1900 and Hyosung Halo ATMs but have several models of ATMs for sale.  Discounts are available if you also do credit card processing with us. You can install it yourself or we can have it professionally installed for you.
  4. We buy used Triton, Nautilus, or Tranax ATMs from all over the country. If you have an ATM you want to sell, we might be interested in buying it at the right price.  Even if you don’t have the codes or know the safe password, we are still interested (but will pay less).


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Palm Beach FL ATM Placement, Install, and Service Company

Free ATM Placement in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Ft. Lauderdale

Have a location that needs an ATM in Palm Beach County?  We can help. Prineta USA is a full service ATM company offering free ATM placement with armored carrier cashing loading services and healthy revenue sharing with resorts, hotels, c-stores, grocery stores, Florida Atlantic University student housing, and other high demand locations.

We will take care of everything for you and ensure that ATM is always working and never out of cash.  We offer high end cabinets for upscale venues; just ask.  Local on-site service available through our technician in Del Ray Beach covering West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Lakewood, Fort Lauderdale and North Miami.  We mostly use the classy Nautilus-Hyosung 1800, 2700s and the new Halo ATM; they look nice and are reliable.

Authorized Distributor Hyosung Halo ATM

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Get an ATM in San Diego, CA

Have a location that needs an ATM in San Diego?  We can help.  We offer free ATM placement with installation and sell ATMs in the greater San Diego–Carlsbad–San Marcos, CA metropolitan area.  We want to be your San Diego ATM company.

If you want to buy an ATM, we sell low cost ATMs.  We are an authorized ATM master dealer and guarantee you won’t find a better price anywhere.  If you do both ATM and credit card processing through Prineta, additional discounts are available.  Just ask.

Of if you don’t want to buy an ATM and just want to get an ATM placed, we can take care of everything for you.  If you have more than 50 transactions per month we offer tiered revenue sharing.  Not all locations qualify for free placement though – it must be a good location.

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ATM Placement and Management Company in Las Vegas, NV

Looking for an ATM company in Las Vegas that can put in a nice ATM machine and manage all aspects of it for you?

You’ve come to the right place.  Prineta USA offers free ATM placement and cash management services for qualified locations in Las Vegas and Henderson in Southern Nevada.  We have local people on the street in Vegas that you can meet in person if you request a proposal on our contact form below.  We are a full service ATM company and Las Vegas is one of our most important markets.  Experienced local technicians can often-time provide same-day service.

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Merchants Can Now Charge Surcharge Fees on Credit Card Transactions

Effective January 27, 2013, merchants in the U.S. (excluding merchants within California, Florida, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, Kansas, Maine and Oklahoma) can start charging surcharge fees.  If you are in these states, you are not allowed to charge a surcharge fee.

Which States allow merchants to charge surcharge fees on credit card transactions and which States prohibit merchants from adding surcharges?


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Sound Off: Why is there no freakin ATM here?

Where should there be an ATM where one isn’t today? 

You know, when you have been someplace and really needed an ATM but one was nowhere to be found.  Maybe that just happened but if not, you know the feeling.

Sound off here about locations that don’t have an ATM but really ought to have an ATM.  We will be listening to your responses about where ATMs are needed.


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