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ATM Services Company in St. Louis

If you are looking for a local ATM services company in the St. Louis metropolitan area and surrounding region, then you have come to the right place.

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Get an ATM Machine in St. Louis

ATM Placement

If you have a qualified location we can place an ATM in your business for free, take care of everything, and pay you a commission on every transaction the ATM does. Our full-service ATM placement is our most popular option for businesses in St. Louis. To find out if you qualify, just contact us and ask!

ATM Partnership

If you’re looking to use the ATM in your establishment as a source of additional revenue for your business, then our ATM partnership program might be right for you. All you need to do is load the cash, we’ll provide and maintain the machine and we’ll split the profits with you 50/50.

ATM Purchase

We have ATM machines for sale in St. Louis and all of Missouri and Illinois. We have the absolute cheapest prices on the market for new ATMs if you use us for transaction processing. If you’re looking to buy an ATM in St. Louis, contact us first. You won’t be disappointed.

ATM Cash Loading

If you already have an ATM at your establishment, but you’re looking for someone to load it, we can do that also. We have armored truck cash delivery available for high volume locations.

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Establishments we Service

Prineta specializes in the ATM placement and management for hotels in St. Louis, but we also service a wide variety of other establishments, such as: convention centers, country clubs, convenience stores, supermarkets, resorts, truck stops, movie theaters,stadiums, pool halls, speedways, high-rise condos, gentlemen’s clubs, aquariums, amusement parks, bars, pawn shops, airports, nightclubs, shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, university dorms, laundromats, casinos, retail stores, zoos, event facilities, liquor stores, lounges, hospitals, bowling alleys, and many others.

St. Louis ATM Service Areas:

St. Louis – Prineta is an ATM company in St. Louis that places ATM machines for locations everywhere in the St. Louis metro area.
Downtown St. Louis – Prineta installs and manages ATM machines for businesses in the downtown St. Louis area located near Union Station and Busch Stadium.
St. Louis Airport – We proivde ATM services for hotels and other establishments in the area of the Lambert St. Louis International Airport (STL) including the towns of St. John, St. Ann and Hazelwood.
St. Louis East – We are an ATM vendor operating ATMs in East St. Louis and in the suburb communities in the State of Illinois.
Maryland Heights – Prineta manages ATM machines in the Maryland Heights area close to the West Port Plaza.
Alton, IL – We provide ATM services for the city of Alton Illinois
Greater St. Louis – Wherever you are in the St. Louis area, we can help. We deploy ATMs to communities an hour’s drive outside of the city including the cities of Fairview Height, Chesterfield, Eureka, Festus Mehlville and St. Charles.

Surrounding Communities

Quincy, Illinois – Prineta services many of the cities surrounding St. Louis to the North. We have local ATM service technicians located in Quincy IL who can service the surrounding cities such as Hannibal.
Springfield, IL – We also place and manage ATMs in Springfield, IL.
West of St. Louis – To the west our reach extends as far out as Columbia and Jefferson City.
East of St. Louis – Prineta also places ATM machines in cities to the east of St. Louis such as Mt. Vernon and Effingham

Our St. Louis ATM service area covers approximately 67,000 square miles in Missouri and Illinois. 

If your location is not within the service area shown above, we may still be able to help, please just contact us and ask!

Local ATM Company in St. Louis.

We have local ATM technicians in St. Louis that can come meet you at your establishment in person and talk to you about making a deal.

Request a Proposal

If you are interested in getting an ATM for your business(es) in St. Louis, please contact us by filling out the form below and tell us what exactly you are looking for or just call our office at 1-800-951-9533 for more information.