GenMega 2500 ATM

The GenMega G2500 is simply one of the best all around machines that we have available. When a merchant comes to us looking to buy and load their own ATM, we usually recommend the G2500, primarily because of it’s proven reliability. To give you an example, most ATMs will eventually have a “bill jam” in which a bill gets caught in the dispenser, causing an error. We’ve found that the 2500 is has a lot fewer bill jams than most other ATMs. The features that come standard on our GenMega 2500 put it at a price comparable to most of our other “budget” machines, but the value you get in comparison is a lot higher, in our opinion.

The G2500s that Prineta sells now all come standard with an electronic lock, EMV card reader and a 1000 note removable cash cassette. With all of these upgraded features, Prineta still sells the GenMega 2500 at a comparable price to competitors who only offer “the basics”. If you want an ATM that is truly easy to operate, good looking, and reliable, get a 2500.

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Additional information

Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 56.3 × 15.8 × 22.3 in

UL 291 Business Hours Cabinet



Cash Dispenser


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Card Reader