Hyosung Force ATM

The Hyosung 2800 (AKA Hyosung Force) is the newest Hyosung ATM model on the market. This new model replaces the popular Hyosung 2700 which is now discontinued and will no longer be available from the manufacturer. The innovative Hyosung Force is quickly becoming the first choice of our customers who tend to like the modern and unique appearance. The 2800 is perfect for design-focused locations who want something that stands out and has a cutting edge style.┬áThe Force enhances user experience since it comes with a larger-than-usual 12.1″ screen and capacitive touch function keys which vibrate when a menu selection is made.

The 2800 has some new features never included on ATMs before including a light inside the vault which eliminates the need for a flashlight when doing maintenance or cash loading as well as a new dedicated space in the cabinet for a wireless modem which helps eliminate the “cord clutter” inside the ATM’s cabinet. The Force has four power cord holes on the back of the ATM’s vault and several holes in the bottom of the vault to allow for more versatility when placing and securing the ATM.

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Hyosung Force

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Weight 286.6 lbs
Dimensions 23.0 × 15.7 × 56.4 in
Card Reader

Cash Dispenser