GenMega Onyx ATM

GenMega’s Onyx is a beautiful new upgrade to the classic and popular GenMega 2500 ATM.

Same Reliable Components
The GenMega Onyx contains the same components (power supply, receipt printer, card reader, screen, mainboard, etc..) as the G2500 that have proven they can stand the test of time and therefore comes with the same reliability that it’s younger brother the G2500 has become known for. Itand the GenMega 2500 that has proven reliability and has shown that they can stand the test of time.

Sleek New Appearance
They haven’t changed the guts of the machine but they have changed and upgraded the appearance. The Onyx comes with a new sleek and sophisticated design, intended for high-end establishments looking for an ATM with an upscale appearance. This ATM is perfect for large hotels, fancy nightclubs, five-star restaurants, luxurious lounges and much more. It has a larger 10.1? screen (which can also be upgraded to a 12? touchscreen), which has a reflective front offering added awareness and security for ATM users. The keys for menu selections are touch-sensitive, activating a light and vibration offering a unique user experience.

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