Hyosung Halo 2 ATM Machine

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Hyosung Halo II
The Hyosung Halo II (AKA Monimax 2600 Special Edition or MX2600SE) is the most recent ATM to hit the market. It’s the newly released second-generation replacement for it’s predecessors, the Halo and Halo S–Hyosung’s most popular, and now discontinued, ATM models. The Hyosung Halo was redesigned in response to customer feedback to include a number of highly sought-after features.

The Hyosung Halo 2 comes with notable security and durability enhancements including a heavier gauge UL 291 business hours safe with reinforced vulnerable areas on the cabinet, a front metal plate for cassette protection as well as a taller frame with reinforced, heavier metal and welding. The Halo 2 is essentially a stronger, more durable version of the Halo 1.

The top of the Halo 2 features a “no spill” angled top so patrons can not rest a drink on top of the ATM. This should help improve the longevity of the ATM in places like bars and restaurants.

The Hyosung Halo II is built with a modular design which includes backwards compatibility with most older model ATMs. Many of the parts for the Halo II will be interchangable with machines like the Halo, Halo-S, 1800SE and others.

The Halo 2 comes with upgrades to the TCP/IP communication protocol with the addition of a Transport Layer Security (TLS) network encryption for protection.

The Hyosung Halo II has a similar sleek design as the first generation Halo series, with the color changing halo around the keypad, but this version has a less circular, more subdued appearance.

Like the Halo, the Halo II is still one of the most cost-effective ATM models available.


Dispenser: 1000 Note Removable Cassette
Card Reader: EMV Compatible Card Reader
Lock Type: Electronic Lock
Screen: 10.1″ TFT LCD
Cabinet/Safe: UL 291 Business Hours Safe

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 54.2” (4 ft, 6.2 in)
Width: 15.7” (1 ft, 3.7 in)
Depth: 23.4” (1 ft 11.4 in)
Weight: 265lbs (120kg)

Purchase Details

Factory Pre-Programmed (Plug and play)
12 Month Parts Warranty
Free Shipping
No Sales Tax
Wholesale Pricing
Free Transaction Processing

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Hyosung Halo II Brochure PDF

Download (PDF, 444KB)

Hyosung Halo II User Manual

Download (PDF, 6.66MB)