Prineta Awarded Winner and One of Kansas City’s 25 Best Small Businesses

We are very proud to announce that Prineta has been selected as a winner and one of the top 25 small businesses with fewer than 25 employees in the Kansas City-area in Thinking Bigger’s 17th Annual “25 Under 25” Business Award.

According to the Kansas City Business Journal there are 50,729 businesses in the KC area!

The research from Thinking Bigger Business Media indicates that in Kansas City metro area, around 83% (or 42,105) of those businesses have fewer than 25 employees.

According to our math, that makes Prineta and the other winners as 0.06% of all KC small businesses! 

We were curious about that stat, so we double-checked the statistics:

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council also had a similar statistic that “firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.4 percent of businesses”.

The US Census Bureau also had a statistic stating 89% of business have fewer than 20 employees:

Congratulations to all of the 24 other winners!

Adams Dairy Bank
Code Koalas
DMC Service, Inc.
Freedom Interiors
FSC, Inc.
Good Energy Solutions, Inc.
Happy Food Co.
High Prairie Landscape Group
Kansas City Foot and Ankle
KC Crew
KC Restoration, LLC
Meridian Business Services LLC
Midwest Sport Productions
Morgan Miller Plumbing
MTI Events
Network Innovations Inc.
Notes to Self
Partners N Promotion
Pioneer Music
SureHosting Internet Solutions, Inc.
Sydney’s Pet Spa
Thirsty Coconut
Wide Awake Films