GenMega Onyx-W ATM

The Genmega Onyx-W is the smallest and most popular wall-mounted ATM you can buy. The machine is only 20 inches tall, 27 inches wide and less than a foot deep making it an ideal ATM for locations where space is limited. The Onyx-W can be securely mounted to a wall or a counter top. Installation is easy: The Onyx-W comes with a bracket which can be mounted to the wall or countertop, then the ATM is securely attached to the bracket. The Onyx-W can be mounted flush with a wall by cutting out an area of the wall. Be sure the area or wall you want it installed in it is at least 1 foot deep.

The base model of this machine comes with a 1,000 removable cassette, electronic lock, EMV card reader and a 10.1-inch LED screen with light-up touch function keys. There is also an option to get an expanded-capacity 2000-note cassette for those locations that are extra busy. Unlike most wall-mounted units which can be loaded from the back, the Onyx-W can only be loaded from the front.

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