Alternative Solution for ACH Return Problems

Can’t keep your ACH return ratios within thresholds? Try an alternative solution.  Got a problem with ACH returns? Try something else. Try an alternative that allows higher return rates. Read this page to learn more about it and use the contact form to get in contact with us if you are interested in this solution. An ACH processing account is essential for many different types of businesses. The ability to ACH debit a customer’s account to collect a payment due is essential for the operation of many businesses. But some business types, due to the demographic of their customers, have …

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The better ACH alternative for clients in need of same day or next day funds availability and recurring billing

For high average ticket B2B payments and recurring direct debit payment processing

If you are looking for an accounts receivable alternative to ACH payments that allows you get your money quicker, then you’ve come to the right place. We are payment consultants and offer our clients a better alternative to ACH that allows them to send and receive money same day or next day to and from nearly any US bank account.  We can show you how to collect your money faster and easier.  Nearly, any business or organization that has proper authorization and legal authority to directly debit their customer’s bank accounts is a potential customer for this program.

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