Mobile E-Commerce NFC Payment Consulting

Looking for help building a mobile e-commerce strategy to capitalize on the emerging mobile commerce opportunity?  Do you know where to start?  Which direction to head?  Or do you need payment consulting services to get you going in the right direction?  We can help.  Our expert payment consultants and distinguished mobile technology strategists provide sage advice based on experiences from inside the NFC ecosystem to help aggressive and innovative companies across the globe get a head start with NFC mobile commerce.

If you are racing to stake your claim in what promises to be an incredibly lucrative market, can you afford to make any wrong moves?  What happens if you miscalculate a couple critical assumptions?  Will you be riding the wave of adoption or fighting to get attention and traction against the grain?

Mobile technology can give you the edge over your competitors but the partner(s) you select will have more to do with your long term success than being first to market.  Sometimes it is more about reach, penetration, adoption and economies of scale than the technology itself that is most important.  Which side of the battle will you be on?

With our mobile e-commerce NFC payment consulting services your business will be able to quickly exploit the union of mobile commerce and social media with a trusted adviser by your side always looking out for your best interest.

Whether you need a loyalty solution using the Facebook social media network or mobile e-commerce “in-app” purchase and payment capabilities, we can help.

We know the major players.  We can explain the economics.  We can help you develop business requirements and evaluate the solution providers.  We can get you access to the developer APIs.  Invaluable information for a growing e-commerce business.

Ever heard of the 802.11u MSAP protocol for retailers?  If not, you need to read up on that.  Combined with HTML5 web apps or native Andorid or iOS applications and ‘in-app payments’, you could be able to offer a powerful solution in less time and for less money than you originally thought was possible.   The potential for a mobile commerce powered daily deal online e-gift store for the sale of e-gift cards of third party-merchants is HUGE.  Perfect for the large retailer looking to differentiate.  All the pieces you need for a successful mobile commerce business are available; you just need to know how to put them together.  That is where we come in…

With an NFC-based mobile commerce solution you can attract new tech savvy customers who are ready to use their mobile devices for secure transactions.  Don’t develop a solution for yesterday, or even today; build a strategy for tomorrow.  But you need something sooner before all merchants can accept NFC and a bigger percentage of people have NFC smartphones?  How about a hybrid strategy using SMS and QR codes?  We have some ideas for you there as well.

Working with Prineta is easy.  Just send us your contact information in the form below and tell us about what you would like to build and we will put together a proposal to best help you achieve your goals.  Sometimes that is a couple days of in-person knowledge transfer sessions or a full-on strategy analysis and recommendations report.  Each opportunity is unique and services are appropriately tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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