Custom Point-of-Sale Payment Terminal Application Software Development

Looking for an experienced POS credit card terminal application software developer for a new payment system development project?   Need help implementing EMV or PCI 3.0 for Level 1 or 2 merchants?  We can help. As a full service payment consulting company we offer development services for a diverse client base.

We can help you implement your custom POS or transaction processing requirements with a custom solution to fit your specific needs.  We are very experienced and known in the industry for PCI out of scope” solutions for multimedia payment terminals.  Our experienced project managers, system integration engineers and developers can support the entire project lifecycle, from concept to implementation and deployment; end-to-end.  You own the source code and intellectual property; we do the development “contract for hire”.

While we can place developers for staff augmentation needs at hourly rates, most clients typically prefer fixed cost development projects where we take care of everything.  Fixed cost projects are only available when there are high-quality, detailed system level requirements and interface specifications.  The client can supply the requirements or we can help you define the requirements at hourly rates.

We work with one of the best POS application development teams in the industry and can definitely help you find well-qualified developers with extensive payment terminal application development experience and track records of successful projects for some of the largest brands in the payment industry.  Most of our contracts include non-disclosure terms so we can’t list all of our clients but you would definitely recognize many of them.

We write EMV, open-loop and closed-loop (stored value) applications on all major terminals.

Experience with TSYS, Global, First Data Omaha, and Vantiv front ends.

Prineta has proven experience and expertise designing and implementing applications and solutions for a variety of transaction processing platforms; including being proficient in developing software for the Verifone Mx Series terminals and other terminal brands.

Verifone, Ingenico, Dejavoo, Equinox, Pax, Exadigm, Lipman, Hypercom

Our lead development team has over a decade of experience in developing innovative, feature rich, POS applications on all major point-of-sale terminal manufacturer’s products. We understand the nuances in POS application design and development, optimization of user experience at the display and receipt presentation, and considerations for multi-application compatibility on the POS.

The development team uses a structured design process to insure success with any client project. The typical process is as follows:

  • Every project starts with a detailed functional specification that outlines the client requirements in a to-scale, screen-by-screen representation of the selected POS terminal platform.  The client can write these or we can work on these together.
  • Outline detailed message specifications of how the POS will communicate with the transaction host.  This is the interface specification document.
  • Focus on specific client business requirements and develops comprehensive exception handling to insure that all positive AND negative scenarios work as required.  These are the business logic rules.
  • Formal Quality Assurance and POS Application testing process. Iterate with development team until all tests are passed.  The client can write the test cases or we can work together on these.
  • Transition to production phase taking released POS software and push to the appropriate Terminal Management System.  We can help you with a terminal management system if you don’t already have one.
  • Merchant rollout process review to detail how the rollout of the POS application will be installed on potentially hundreds to thousands of POS terminals in the field.

We always use the most current developer toolkits for each terminal.  Development projects involving Verifone terminals are probably most common as these are the most widely deployed and can be acquired for relatively good prices.  For Verifone projects, the developers utilize the Verifone Verix V developer toolkit and ensure the code is in compliance with Verifone best practices utilizing the Verix Multi-app Conductor (VMAC) application manager designed to manage application selection, device usage, inter-task synchronization and communications, and multiple application environments.  And the Verix V enhanced communications package with the latest advanced applications and libraries (Comm Server, TCP/IP protocol stack, UCL, and IPDL) designed specifically to increase the performance of Verix V application communications.


As a consulting company, we do not have the developers on staff but instead partner with a couple different US-based development shops.  We only work with onshore partners and developers that are US Citizens.  The President of our primary partner is payment systems development expert with 15 years industry experience and 12 years application development experience.  As the former CTO of Lipman USA (2000-2003), he is well known and respected in the industry.  And the lead developer is a software engineer with 25 years development experience and 7 years terminal application development experience.  He is an expert with C / C++ based POS applications for Verifone, Dejavoo Systems, and Hypercom POS Terminals.

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