Comdata First Data BuyPass Merchant Account

In the process of upgrading your Comdata hardware and software and need an approved First Data BuyPass merchant account for Comdata processing?  We can help.  We are First Data BuyPass Independent Sale Agents that specialize in Comdata merchant services and payment solutions on for truck stops.

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Custom Point-of-Sale Payment Terminal Application Software Development

Looking for an experienced POS credit card terminal application software developer for a new payment system development project?   Need help implementing EMV or PCI 3.0 for Level 1 or 2 merchants?  We can help. As a full service payment consulting company we offer development services for a diverse client base.

We can help you implement your custom POS or transaction processing requirements with a custom solution to fit your specific needs.  We are very experienced and known in the industry for PCI out of scope” solutions for multimedia payment terminals.  Our experienced project managers, system integration engineers and developers can support the entire project lifecycle, from concept to implementation and deployment; end-to-end.  You own the source code and intellectual property; we do the development “contract for hire”.

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Is PC Charge PCI 2.0 Compliant?

We want to know.  Is PC Charge PCI 2.0 complaint?  We cannot find anything on the internet about it.  PCI 2.0 with hardware encryption went into effect in January 2011.  We know that PC Charge 5.8.3 and higher is PCI DSS v1.2 2008 compliant but we cannot find proof of 2.0 compliance.  If you know, please leave a non-spam comment.

PCI Compliance for Microsoft POS and Dynamics RMS

Updated 12/26/13 – Looking for information on how to secure payments that run across Microsoft POS or Dynamics RMS point-of-sale system and ensure you can accept EMV and everything is PCI 3.0 compliant?  We can help.  We do payment terminal software development for the secure integration of multimedia multi-lane payment terminals.  Instead of paying the big fees to process with Mercury, maybe you should consider doing your own development so you can integrate directly with your preferred payment processor with 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption.  There is no better mitigation strategy than to ensure you never even see any cardholder data that passes through the operating system of your POS hardware.

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Secure PCI 2.0 Credit Card Processing with Dynamics RMS

Worried about a Dynamics card data breach on that old PC-based point-of-sale?  Don’t be with PCI 2.0 encrypted transactions for Dynamics RMS.  We can help.  We are payment consultants and payment system developers that help retail merchants upgrade to secure credit card processing that is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics RMS.   Accepting credit cards inside your retail store operations software can simplify transaction reconciliation, reduce data re-entry errors, and let you get rid of that second phone line.  Nice!   Processing cards with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) is easier than you think.  Trust me, it helps you improve your average checkout time; especially if you qualify for the small ticket retail no-signature-required program.  Dynamics RMS supports the wedge-style mag stripe reader (MSR) but be careful with those; there are reports of breaches surfacing.  Now, in today’s day and age, you just can’t take the risk; especially if it is easily avoidable.  First you need to upgrade your system to RMS 2.0 or higher.  Then you need to switch to a processor that can provide you transaction encryption in accordance with PCI 2.0 standards; just recently released.  If the card data is protected with end-to-end encryption then data thieves will look elsewhere for much easier targets.  Safely integrating credit card processing with Dynamics RMS  is available if you know where to find it.  If you are reading this then you’ve come to the right place.   This solution is new and not available with most processors.

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Integrated Credit Card Processing with POS

Save money, reduce errors, improve reporting, minimize risk, and manage cash flow by integrating credit card processing with your POS system.  Use the built-in capabilities of your POS software for the lowest merchant services fees.  If you do not have to use third-party software you can save money.  POS systems are only certified on certain payment platforms; not every merchant account will work.  First you need to find out which platforms are supported by your POS system then you need to find a merchant account that uses the platform.  It can be confusing; especially if you have to figure out which methods are PCI compliant and which are not.  That’s why you need an experienced payment consultant on your side to help.  You need a payment consultant that works for you; not the processor. 

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PC Charge Credit Card Processing Software

Want to use your PC-based POS for credit card processing?  For maximum merchant account flexibility, you may need PC Charge from Verifone.  We can help you purchase a software license and integrate with your current POS system.  Please use the contact form for a free consultation.  We will explain the process and make it easy. We get a lot of inquiries so using the contact form so we can email is best.


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