PCI Compliance for Microsoft POS and Dynamics RMS

Updated 12/26/13 – Looking for information on how to secure payments that run across Microsoft POS or Dynamics RMS point-of-sale system and ensure you can accept EMV and everything is PCI 3.0 compliant?  We can help.  We do payment terminal software development for the secure integration of multimedia multi-lane payment terminals.  Instead of paying the big fees to process with Mercury, maybe you should consider doing your own development so you can integrate directly with your preferred payment processor with 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption.  There is no better mitigation strategy than to ensure you never even see any cardholder data that passes through the operating system of your POS hardware.

From Original Publish Date: 4/19/2011 – Microsoft has some guidelines to follow but to keep things simple all you need to do is upgrade to RMS 2.0 Service Pack 2 and use PCI 2.0 compliant terminals that support encryption.  We are hearing that data breach fees can be $60K or more depending on the size of the merchant.  You need to replace that old mag-stripe reader and move to a real terminal.  The major big box retail stores have already made the change.  Now the technology is available to regular merchants on Main St.  It is a little more expensive to outfit all of your lanes with new hardware but it will definitely be less expensive than breach fees.  Any networked point-of-sale that runs on a Windows PC computer is at risk.  You can rest more easily when you are PCI 3.0 compliant and can pass an audit; there are much more low hanging fruit than you.  It can be a major undertaking to implement all of the guidelines but fortunately there are experts out there that can help.   We can make the process easy.  Work with an experienced consultant. 

PA-DSS and PCI DSS compliance can be confusing.  We can provide whatever information you need about PCI DSS and PA-DSS and how it impacts your business.

PCI DSS requires merchants to protect cardholder data.  Prineta can help you meet these requirements.

Merchant PCI compliance isn’t an option, but a necessity for any merchant who accepts payment cards.

If you are a POS reseller and need help providing secure PCI 3.0 compliant solutions for point-of-sale systems, we should talk.  We partner with independent distributors and agents across the country to provide the needed solutions and offer better splits.  If you are a Dynamics RMS reseller agent interested in PCI compliant encrypted transactions for Dynamics RMS, we have the software and hardware you need.  We are fair and flexible.

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