Case Study: WooCommerce site switches payment plugin from PayPal to a “real merchant account” and saves big

Welcome to the first in a series of client case studies where we will share stories about how we have helped our clients with payment needs. Summary: Wedding Sparklers USA switches from PayPal to First Data merchant account; goes from 2.4% net effective rate to a 2.2% net effective rate, saving 20 bp (basis points) totaling a very nice savings monthly and per annum based on average ticket of $47. Story: Interview with Brian Kelly, Owner of Wedding Sparklers USA, an e-commerce business based in Kansas City, MO, that specializes in selling sparklers online with WooCommerce. Says he was very …

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Mobile E-Commerce NFC Payment Consulting

Looking for help building a mobile e-commerce strategy to capitalize on the emerging mobile commerce opportunity?  Do you know where to start?  Which direction to head?  Or do you need payment consulting services to get you going in the right direction?  We can help.  Our expert payment consultants and distinguished mobile technology strategists provide sage advice based on experiences from inside the NFC ecosystem to help aggressive and innovative companies across the globe get a head start with NFC mobile commerce.

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PayPal Merchant Accounts – Make an Informed Decision

Do not open a PayPal merchant account or process another PayPal transaction until you read this! Make an informed decision.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Can PayPal hold my money with no explanation?
Can PayPal freeze my account for no reason?
Can PayPal take money out of my account without my knowledge?

Unfortunately, the answer to all three questions is YES.

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