GenMega Onyx-W Installation Instructions

General Installation Overview Physical Mounting: The GenMega Onyx-W includes a steel bracket that is designed to be bolted to a wall or a counter-top. The machine includes a bracket plate that is used for either purpose. For Wall-Mount applications, the installation kit ships with 12 expanding anchors that can be used in drywall or plywood. Review all of the install documents before planning any work and make adjustments based on the intended location and mounting material. Depending on the specific application you should also consider using some lag-screws into available wall studs or anchors if mounting directly to masonry. Be …

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List of GenMega ATM Error Codes

Having some issues with your GenMega ATM? Getting an error on the screen and not sure what it means? Here’s a list of GenMega error codes, what they mean, and what possible steps you can take to fix them. If you’re processing with Prineta and need help – call us at 800-951-9533 and our ATM technician can help you resolve your issue over the phone at no cost! If you would like to switch your ATM’s transaction processing to Prineta, we can walk you through how to do that over the phone and also help you resolve your errors at …

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