Prineta Sponsor for ATMIA’s Withdraw Cash Wednesday

Prineta was the monthly sponsor for the October Edition of ATM Industry Association‘s Withdraw Cash Wednesday Pro-Cash Newsletter.

The October 2019 Pro-Cash Newsletter featured an article about how more and more US states are beginning to pass legislation which prohibits retail businesses from being a “cashless business” and refusing to accept cash as a form of payment. Cashless businesses severely limit consumer payment choice but most importantly – it discriminates against the poor, “underbanked” (18.7% of US households) and “unbanked” (6.5% of US households) consumers.

Withdraw Cash Wednesday (WCW) encourages consumers to take out cash from ATMs on heavy shopping days like the Wednesday prior to black Friday. WCW’s mission is to promote ATM usage around the busiest spend times of the year and help the ATM industry gain more visibility.