First Data Merchant Accounts on Omaha, North, Nashville, BuyPass Platforms

First Data Independent Sales Agents

Have a point-of-sale system (POS) or other software that only accepts credit cards through First Data?  Need a First Data merchant account on the Omaha, North, Nashville, South, or BuyPass platform?  We can help.  We are First Data Independent Sales Agents with access to all First Data programs and platforms.  We are an independent sales agents and can set up accounts on First Data North (Cardnet), South, Nashville (Envoy), Omaha and BuyPass (Concord/Atlanta).

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance

Is your credit card processing PCI DSS Compliant? Limit unnecessary exposure; speak to one of our PCI Compliant Specialists to find out:

1.    If your terminal is Compliant with the latest requirements.

2.    If your Accounting Software is the latest and most protected Version?

3.    If your customer information is being properly encrypted when it dials
out or uses the Internet for Authorizations?

We can help ensure you are in compliance with all the latest security requirements by:

1.    Thoroughly explaining the requirements and making it easy to understand.

2.    Issuing you a new Compliant Credit Card Terminal if necessary.  We even offer free terminals to qualified merchants.

3.    Giving you a free copy of your Accounting Software’s most recent version if you process through Quickbooks or PeachTree.

4.    Providing recommendations and best practices for achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

5.    Introducing you to PCI compliance industry experts like Trustwave.

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