New British Red Phone Booth ATM Kiosk

Prineta recently deployed an ATM in an iconic red British phone booth. We’re making ATM usage fun for guests of this hotel or for people passing by on the sidewalk. Using this unique ATM surely brightens the day of those wanting to get some cash. If you’re looking for an ATM placement which requires a custom touch, look no further than Prineta. We are always happy to take your idea and attempt to make it a reality! Prineta is partnered with a kiosk manufacturer to provide custom ATM looks for outdoor locations. Though this British phone box is not a …

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Prineta Sponsor for ATMIA’s Withdraw Cash Wednesday

Prineta was the monthly sponsor for the October Edition of ATM Industry Association‘s Withdraw Cash Wednesday Pro-Cash Newsletter. The October 2019 Pro-Cash Newsletter featured an article about how more and more US states are beginning to pass legislation which prohibits retail businesses from being a “cashless business” and refusing to accept cash as a form of payment. Cashless businesses severely limit consumer payment choice but most importantly – it discriminates against the poor, “underbanked” (18.7% of US households) and “unbanked” (6.5% of US households) consumers. Withdraw Cash Wednesday (WCW) encourages consumers to take out cash from ATMs on heavy shopping …

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Prineta Acquires Bank-Grade ATMs and Kiosks in Nashville

Prineta recently purchased and transported several high-end financial-grade ATMs from a supplier in Nashville Tennessee back to our office in Overland Park, Kansas. This acquisition is part of our newly developed program to provide larger ATM kiosks for our bank co-branding partnerships. Local/regional banks and credit unions who are wanting to fully outsource the management of their ATMs can now have large-scale island style ATMs deployed with their branding on it. Most of the ATMs procured were the Hyosung 7600 series: MX 7600T MX 7600FFL MX 7600I MX 7600DR MX 5600T MX 5100T These ATMs are used for outdoor walk-up …

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Prineta Awarded 10th Fastest Growing Company in Kansas City by Ingram’s Business Magazine

Magazine Cover Kansas City Ingram's Business Magazine

Prineta is proud to announce that we’ve been named the 10th fastest growing company in the Kansas City area in Ingram’s Corporate Report 2019! Ingram’s Business Magazine verifies reported revenue numbers and compares thousands of businesses in Kansas City. This is the second year in a row Prineta has made the Fastest Growing Companies list. In 2018 we were ranked 13th in the list. This year however, we ended up on the magazine cover with the other owners of the top 10 companies. We continue to expand our service areas across the entire United States and Canada to service as …

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Prineta Now Servicing ATMs Along Entire Kansas I-70 Corridor

ATM Machines on Kansas I-70 East West Highway

Prineta now runs a new ATM service route on Interstate 70 across the entire state of Kansas from Kansas City, Missouri to Burlington, Colorado, right near the Kansas-Colorado border. Many of businesses in the small towns along this 437-mile stretch of highway find it difficult to get an ATM installed at their business due to the fact that other ATM companies don’t travel this far from the major cities. Not anymore! Prineta provides full-service ATM placements, ATM cash loading services and ATM sales with processing for all types of businesses. Prineta is now able to provide ATM services for all …

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Preferred Vendor Status in Oklahoma City Calls for Bi-Weekly Bulk ATM Shipments

Truck full of ATMs

Prineta recently gained preferred vendor status with the management company of a large retail group in Oklahoma. Today Prineta delivered seven more machines to our Oklahoma City warehouse (from our Headquarters in Kansas City) for the imminent deployment at several more stores in Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets! Business has been booming in Oklahoma and Prineta is there to keep up with the demand for ATM services by making bi-weekly bulk deliveries of machines from our Kansas City headquarters to our local facility in Oklahoma City Ask us about preferred vendor status for stores with multiple locations. We are happy …

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Prineta Purchases Bulk Lot of ATMs from Houston Supplier

Inside of Box Truck Full of ATMs

A new shipment of 48 ATMs is now on its way to Prineta Headquarters in Kansas City from their origin in Houston Texas. These beautiful Hyosung 1800 machines are a great addition to any store, hotel, or small “cash-only” business! What are you waiting for? Get your free-ATM placement today!  

Fayetteville, NC ATM Company

Get an ATM in Fayetteville If you have a busy retail or hospitality location that needs an ATM, then you have come to the right place. We can help you. We are an ATM Company operating nationwide with a strong presence in the Fayetteville North Carolina area. We have a great local partner that takes care of the ATMs for our clients that is local. Service available across all of North Carolina and South Carolina ATM, including  Cumberland County. We service all location types that have a need for cash. Convenience stores, hotels, and cash-only establishments. Fill out the form below …

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Prineta Hiring ATM Purchase & Processing Manager

Prineta has received an incredible amount of ATM purchase inquiries in the past 3 months. Due to this we are now hiring a new employee who will be dedicated to managing ATM purchase and processing inquiries. For more info about this position please contact us at 800-951-9533

Banks to Avoid for ATM Operator Accounts

Due to Operation Choke Point some banks will not knowingly work with independent ATM operators and if you process your ATM transactions through an account with them, it will inevitably be shut down. Banks to avoid: Chase Wells Fargo Bank of America Prosperity Bank US Bank BBVA Compass Capital One Banks to look for: Small community banks / local banks Regional banks State-chartered banks Credit unions We recommend setting up an account with 2-3 different banks so you always have a backup bank if needed in case the primary account is shut down. The best way to build a relationship …

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